01 Dec 28 Ways Kettlebell Training is Great for You

There are MANY benefits of kettlebell training.

I decided to come up with a comprehensive list to describe the ways that kettlebells are a great way to train.

If you’re not familiar with what this type of training has to offer here’s the ultimate list to understand the many benefits of kettlebell training and what it can do for you.

Never before have I experienced such incredible workouts in such a short, highly effective training session.

When I discovered kettlebell training, I honestly didn’t really understand the outstanding benefits that this type of training offers.

I’ve been training for many years, but nothing is quite like training with kettlebells.

Kettlebells are no fad.

They’ll continue to increase in popularity, based on the reasons below.

  1. Builds strength.  Kettlebells build strength quickly. If strength is one of your goals , kettlebells will make you much stronger.
  2. Improves flexibility.  As you move and swing the kettlebell through various ranges of motion, your muscles and joints are being moved in a positive way, allowing for improvement in overall muscular flexibility and joint health.
  3. Improves functional strength.  Functional strength improvement is what you want.  The strength you build with Kettlebell training translates to improvement in your day to day activities or specific athletic events. Functional strength improvement is a major benefit that allows you to perform better.
  4. Enhances athletic performance.  As just mentioned, the nature of the movements allows you to perform better with most athletic events.  You will develop more power, strength, and explosiveness in your movements.
  5. Uses combination movements.  All kettlebell movements require combined contraction and use of many different muscle groups.  Instead of just isolating one muscle group (ex. chest), you’ll be using many muscle groups for one exercise. Multi planes of motion and multiple joints and muscle groups with total body exercises.
  6. Portable.  You  can take a kettlebell anywhere.  Only one kettlebell is a masterful workout!
  7. Saves time.  Highly time efficient workouts.  Most of my workouts are 30 minutes or less.  Sound good?
  8. Burns Fat. Depending on the type of training program you are doing, kettlebells can be a wonderful fat burning tool in addition to a solid nutrition plan.  Nix the long cardio routines and opt for Kettlebell intervals instead.
  9. Improves Posture.  Over time, your posture will improve.  Why?  Because of the dynamic strengthening and flexibility improvement in your spine.  And if you are doing the exercises correctly, you will be more conscious of “good posture” over time.
  10. Great for Cardiovascular System.  There are many exercises (ex. the swing) that can improve cardiovascular performance, and possibly very significantly.  Again, depending on your training methods or protocols.  There has emerging data to support the benefits of kettlbells for improving cardiovascular performance.
  11. Corrects Muscle Imbalances.  You can only hide deficient or weak muscles for so long.  Your weak muscle groups will present during the training.  The goal then will be to have a trained expert tweak the techniques to correct your form and have proper muscle recruitment to correct the imbalances.  Corrective strategies by using kettlebells!
  12. Are good for many different populations.  Anyone can benefit from Kettlebells, young, old, men, women.  Exercise programs can be designed to fit the appropriate person.  Everyone and anyone can benefit from kettlebells.
  13. Builds an exceptionally strong back and shoulders.  This is BIG!  As a former physical therapist. I have seen how this type of training can build exceptional back and shoulder strength.  So, if you have deficits in these areas, they can actually become a strength!
  14. Improves body composition.  I’m talking fat loss, lean muscle gain, and decreased body fat percentage, if that is your goal (which it is for all of us).
  15. Can do virtually anywhere.  Inside, outside, home office, hotel room, garage, family room, backyard, wherever. (Providing it is a safe environment, of course).
  16. Can combine with other workout modalities.  Can combine with free weights, body weight training, sport conditioning programs, plyometrics, or anything else. You don’t have to be totally exclusive to kettlebells, although it can be.  The choice is yours.
  17. Requires skill and proficiency.  As you will discover, this training requires skill. This is a benefit because you will develop the skill as your practice.  You don’t just pick up a kettlebell and master it, it takes time, practice, and tons of repetition, and qualified instruction.  It’s always great to learn a new skill you can use for the rest of your life, don’t you think?
  18. Becomes a positive addiction.  WARNING: this type of training is addictive. Benefit or limitation? Considering the outcomes, I’d say it’s definitely a benefit.
  19. Surprisingly Safe.  Surprise, surprise!  Kettlebell training is safe with appropriate and qualified instruction. Safe training is the hallmark of effective training.
  20. Combines many exercise benefits in one modality.  What I have already mentioned, just combining the benefits in one.  Train with kettlebells and you improve strength, flexibility, endurance, body composition, cardiovascular performance, etc, etc. etc.  Enough said.
  21. Aren’t just a Fad.  Yes, I repeat.  No fad.
  22. Improvement over time.  What do I mean here?  Over time, you’re performance will improve.  You will get stronger, you will be able to train with improved endurance, and you will get whatever fitness goals you set out to achieve, over time.  And maybe, much less time than you think is possible.
  23. Improves peak performance.  This is improving to the point that you achieved your set goals, then reaching new ones.  For me, I had a certain goal in mind that I wanted to attain with my training.  I have achieved that performance goal, so now on to the  new goals. That is improving peak performance.
  24. Paves the way for new challenges.  As I just mentioned, once you have accomplished one challenge, then it’s time to set out on a new challenge.  This way you’ll always be improving.  I like to think of this as “kaizen” which is Japanese for “constant and never ending improvement”.  A good philosophy to live by.
  25. Improves confidence and self esteem.  Well, if all of the above improve, all I’ll say here is that your confidence and self esteem, may go through the roof!  In a humble way, of course.
  26. Is the perfect “at home workout.”  This is the perfect home workout.  Portable, you can do anywhere, don’t need a lot of space for the equipment, and highly time efficient.  A recent survey stated that the majority of people that use kettlebells train at home and it’s a huge advantage.
  27. Builds a strong “core”.  Forget the crunches, train with kettlebells.  Your “core” strength will improve dramatically.  You probably even get the 6 pack abs or flat stomach you’d like (with the proper nutrition).   Remember, if you are training the right way, you will be engaging your core effortlessly throughout the exercises. You will surely develop a strong midsection, back, and hips with this training.
  28. Fun.  Kettlebell training is incredibly fun.  It’s challenging, rewarding, and highly satisfying. You will be having a lot of fun training with kettlebells because the options are unlimited with what you can do.

To be honest, I could name more benefits.

But, if you don’t think kettlebells are a great training option by now, another few benefits probably wouldn’t convince you either.

I hope this list has helped in better understanding how kettebells can help us achieve many goals.

I’m not saying kettlebells are the only thing we should do – they’re not.

They’re just a tool, but a very effective training tool when used appropriately.

It’s a unique tool that benefits us in many ways.

Thanks for reading.

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