20 Aug 3 Critical Changes That Obliterated Body Fat and Built a Fit, Strong, and Powerful Body.

Stealth BodyIn this article I’m coming clean.  This is the article that is WAY overdue!

I’ll reveal my 3 biggest changes that totally rejuvenated my body, my health, and my strength in the last few years.

Things that have been totally transformative.

It’s really embarrassing to admit this, but just a few years ago, I was overweight and out of shape, despite spending hours in the gym each week.

Yes, it’s absolutely true.

How could this be?

If I was exercising regularly and spending time in the gym, how could I be overweight and out of shape?

A few very simple reasons.

The first thing was my training.  Despite having years and years of training experience, the truth is I lost my fire.

Ah, I really hate to admit that, but it’s true.  I was “going through the motions” for a few years in my life.

I will never let that happen again.

I got to the gym, but I was simply “punching the clock,” and not pushing myself.

For the first time in a long time, I was not progressively improving.  I had nothing to really train for.

That’s the first big mistake.

Second, I wasn’t eating right.  What I thought was “healthy eating” was actually far from it.

It’s really amazing what some people consider “healthy.” At the time, I thought I was eating well.  Yeah right.

Somehow, I don’t think I really understood what eating for health and performance really was.

So, my training and eating were TOTALLY different than they are today.  Totally different.

The things that made a massive difference for me were major changes in my training and nutrition.

The 3 most critical things that literally stripped away my body fat, got me stronger than I’ve ever been in my life, got me moving better, allowed me to feel healthier and more energetic, and become lean and athletic again were:

  1. Kettlebell Training
  2. Paleo Nutrition
  3. Nutrient Timing

These 3 things were very powerful for me.

I think of these 3 things as my “body transformation and performance enhancement triple threat.”

I’ll be providing all the details on this in future articles, as there’s a lot to cover.

But, for now, I’ll give you the basic explanations as to why these 3 things made such a difference.

Kettlebell training was a very different thing for me.  As a long time “gym rat,” I had been used to using dumbbells, barbells, and machines as the foundation of my training for years.

And, as a ‘recovering bodybuilder,’ I was used to training isolation movements, not total body movements like kettlebells.

When I discovered kettlebells, I literally got twice the results in less than half of the time.  That’s a statement within the kettelebell community, but it’s very true.

Much better results in significantly less time.


Because each and every exercise is a total body exercise.  There’s no need to do isolation movements (unless you want to be a bodybuilder or unless you want to waste your time).

Kettlebell training the catalyst for getting back to feeling good, feeling strong, and getting is great shape again.

And, it will always be the foundation to my training program.

It’s not the only thing I do, but it is central to my training.

The next big thing was following Paleo-type nutrition.

The first major book I read on the topic was The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson.

This is a MAJOR topic (MAJOR!).  I’ll give you the really concise explanation here.

Paleo or primal eating is eating like our paleolithic ancestors ate.  It’s eating foods like:

  • lean “clean” meats, fowl, eggs, & fish
  • fresh, locally grown or organic vegetables
  • fresh, locally grown or organic fruits
  • nuts and seeds
  • “healthy” fats and oils

And avoiding:

  • carb rich diets, especially processed whole grains and sugars
  • processed, packaged foods
  • elimination or limitation of dairy

But, that’s really just the “tip of the the tip” of the iceberg, as far as Paleo goes.

For me, the Paleo thing is about eating the right carbs at the right time and training your body to burn body fat from other sources, other than carbs.

It’s about limiting the powerful hormone, Insulin and limiting the rapid and significant spike in blood glucose we have when we eat carb dense meals or the wrong types of carbs.

No, I don’t think that all carbs are evil.

But, what I do believe is that most people consume too much of the wrong type of carbs at the wrong times, plain and simple.

This belief is supported by countless books I’ve read on the topic since reading The Primal Blueprint.

I’ll be writing much more on this topic soon and sharing my specific strategies, so much more to come on this topic.

And, finally, the next big change for me was implementing “nutrient timing” strategies.

Nutrient Timing (NT) made a huge difference to:

  • significantly enhance my training performance
  • promote faster recovery
  • boost my immune system
  • improve body composition

NT is not just what to eat, it’s when to eat.

It’s using specific macronutrients (carbs & protein) at the precise time to maximize outcomes.

It’s also using the right supplementation to improve performance and recovery.

Again, NT is a big, big topic, but I’ll provide for you what I’ve done and what has made a radical difference for my training, performance, and body composition goals.

There it is, my triple threat attack for maximizing performance, health, and body composition: kettlebells, paleo-type nutrition, and nutrient timing strategies.

Moving forward, I’ll be sharing the specific information on all 3 of these methods.

The kettlebell exercises and workouts I do, the meal strategies and specific things I eat and avoid, and specific tactics of nutrient timing I use.

It will all be here.

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