24 Feb 3 Guidelines for Getting You “Fight Club Lean”

Here’s an visual image for you, Brad Pitt in “Fight Club”.  If you didn’t see the movie, maybe somewhere you’ve probably seen this picture or heard about how ripped he was in this film.  The guy was chisled and in phenomenal shape.  He had low body fat, lean muscle mass, ripped abs, and appeared in peak physical condition.  A good visual role model for peak physical condition and maybe an image of the body you want for yourself?

So, how did he get that way?  Well, there are  some things to consider for getting lean and ripped like he did in “Fight Club”. Here’s a few quick considerations for you to get ready to be what is termed “Fight Club Lean“:

  1. Don’t waste your money on expensive “fat burner” supplements: I hope you already know this, but the secret to getting lean isn’t found in a bottle.  While certain supplements can and do improve body composition, getting in great shape requires hard work through exercise, excellent nutritional strategies, and having the right mindset to persist no matter what.  I know we’re all probably looking for the fastest, easiest way to get lean and you might think it can be found in a bottle, unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.  You’ll get lean by eating the right foods, at the right times (no crazy, radical diets either) and by doing the most effective exercises for your specific goals.
  2. Long, low impact (and boring) cardio is NOT the way to get lean (unless you want the look of a marathoner): There are many other time efficient ways to get lean, lose the fat, build the muscle, and unveil the six pack abs you’ve got in there. Shorter interval training or metabolic resistance training protocols are much more fun and highly effective anyway.  This type of training methods are what will get what you want, if what you want is getting lean and muscular.  This may require a mindset change from what you traditionally think of, if you believe that longer exercise programs are what burn fat the most.  Remember, there’s no “magic pill.” Results take time, consistency, and commitment.  You can do it, if you stick with it long enough.  Shorter, higher intensity resistance training is a great way to get fit and lean.  And kettlebell training is a great way to do this.
  3. You can’t ROCK your way to getting lean:  I think you know exactly what I mean here.  Have you seen some of the fitness devices being promoted out there on TV?  It’s pretty ridiculous!!!  I have even seen a device that claims you can get fit while you just sit there and watch TV.  Do you really believe that this is better for you than real exercise and nutrition? No way baby! And the models that promote these products, do you really believe they got that way from the devices they promote? Don’t bet on it.  Getting fit and in shape requires work, it requires forming new healthy habits of eating nutritionally dense foods and also exercising consistently. Anything worthwhile requires hard work and persistence, you already know that. We all know it, but doing it is the hard part.  Again, there are so many effective ways to get the lean, fit body you want.  Time efficient exercises, whether it’s body weight exercises, dumbbells, kettlebells, or may other great options are great tools to get the fit body results you want. The fundamental exercise devices have always worked and they always will, so forget the “cheesy” gimmicks and fads on TV, just stick to the fundamentals.

This is just a few quick things to remember for getting you leaner and more muscular so you ultimately feel better and live in better health.

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