02 May 3 Steps To Get Everything You Want.

StrengthIf you and I were sitting down talking right now, this is what I’d tell you about how to get results.

These are the 3 things you need to get exactly what you want.

Sorry, but it does require effort and a bit of thinking.

No BS, no fluff, just the honest truth.

You train hard, you may even eat “healthy.”

Most people who exercise regularly would believe this is true, if you asked them about their fitness habits.

But, here’s the question separates the amateur from the pro (sorry to be blunt).

Here’s the question and some typical responses.

What program are you currently doing?

Huh? Program? What do you mean program?


Uh, I go to the gym 5 days a week and I do free weights and some cardio.


I do kettlebells.


I do CrossFit.

Typical responses, right?

Here’s what you need to know.

To get results, no matter what results we want, we must have a program in place to match our primary training goal.

Sure, we can get results, we can look a little better, get a little stronger, feel a little better by doing “random” training approaches and just “exercising,” but we will never get anywhere even close to our potential without a targeted, well designed program in place.

Random training produces random results, while focused training produces focused results.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve wasted too many years with that approach.

But, even before the program comes into play, we’ve got to know the purpose.


What do we want and why do we want it?

This is our purpose.

It starts with the purpose, the goal, or the objective we want to achieve and move closer to.

We’ve got to know our purpose.

This is the critical 1st step that many people struggle to answer and get clarity with.

Our purpose drives our programming, nutritionmindset, and everything else that is important.

It can be hard, I know, especially when we want many different things.

We can potentially achieve many different goals at once, but we have to identify and focus on ONE THING.

Other things will come as a result of focusing on ONE GOAL at a time.

This approach is key.

I hope you understand this critical concept.


After we have our what and why, then we look for the program methodology, systems, and tools that will be a match for our purpose.

We need to FOCUS on our top goal and this is where a targeted training plan is essential.

There are many great programs out there available to us.

Unfortunately, there are some really overhyped, irrational, and just plain stupid programs out there as well, but I’m not taking about them.

I’m talking about legitimate, well crafted, safe, progressive training systems that deliver benefits even beyond expectations.

It’s all about programming to get what we want (but we have to know what we want).

Never do a program because it looks cool or you want the variety.

That’s totally the wrong reason.

Do the program because you desire the OUTCOME the program is designed for.


You know what you want, you’ve found a program to address your BIG goal, now what?

Do the program from start to finish.

When you do this magic happens and you’ll want to repeat the process over and over.

You MUST persevere through the program until it’s complete.

It’s called completion.

Unfortunately, it’s another thing that most don’t do when they start a program.

I wish I had statistics on “completion rates” for those who begin a targeted exercise program and don’t finish it.

I’m sure the stats would be alarming.

I cannot tell you how powerful it is to complete a program, as there is always something learned, gained, and accomplished.

It’s amazing, to tell you the truth.

Even if we somehow were to fall short of meeting our top goal, we will ALWAYS have progress.

Progress is progress, no matter what.

We can progress or we can regress, it’s our choice.

These are the 3 P’s we need to get results.

Simple, but usually not used by the majority.

Just to review the 3 P’s:

  1. PURPOSE – What EXACTLY do you want and why?
  2. PROGRAM – What SPECIFIC program will you choose to help you with your #1 goal?
  3. PERSEVERANCE – Will you persevere and give your best efforts to complete your program?

Let me ask you now.

What exactly do you want and why?

Take out a piece of paper, be bold, and answer this question right now.

Once you know the answer to this question, the rest is significantly easier.

This is no secret.

But, these 3 steps (the 3 P’s) will get you results, time and time again.

And, If you do these 3 things, you will be in the minority of people who achieve the outcomes they want.

In other words, you will go from amateur to pro.

This is a repeatable process, by the way.

That means it’s something that’s constantly re-assessed and repeated to keep us moving forward.

It’s all about progress, my friend.

Take action with this information because this is what works.

And, if I can help you, let me know. Click here.

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