16 Jun 4 Reasons Why You Must Learn Kettlebells from a Qualified Instructor.

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Kettlebell training is exploding on the fitness scene these days and with good reason.  This ancient training method is incredibly effective for a long list of health and fitness benefits.  Kettlebells offer superior total body strengthening and conditioning, improved flexibility, and improved cardiovascular health as top line benefits.

With the increasing popularity of kettlebells, it seems that most people still don’t realize how important it is to learn from someone that has had proper training themselves.  THIS IS CRITICAL for your success (and safety).  I must say, if a trainer is teaching kettlebells and hasn’t been certifed themselves, that’s inexcusable, in my opinion.

Kettlebell training is highly effective.  It’s also a movement skill that’s highly complex.  There is something special about the movement patterns and exercises when done with proper form.  That’s the key, proper form.  There’s a lot more to kettlebells than just a kettlebell swing, which SEEMS like the easiest exercise to do (hint: it’s not).  With that said, here’s 4 major reasons you simply MUST learn how to use kettlebells the proper way and the ONLY way to do that is from someone that’s been through proper education and trainining themselves.

With all the gyms teaching kettlebells and all the YouTube instructional videos out there, you really have to learn to weed out the true experts from those that are ‘inexperienced.’ If an instructor hasn’t been trained, then they don’t know, what they don’t know.  I hope that makes sense, but here’s the reasons why.


Safety first.  The bottom line is if your instructor hasn’t been through a proper certificaiton program, they simply are NOT qualified to teach kettlebells safely.  Kettlebells are extremely safe…when performed in the proper manner.  Kettlebells don’t hurt people.  People hurt people, so if someone is not trained on proper movement and being able to recognize when someone is not performing an exercise correctly or moving correctly, their job is to ensure a safe baseline movement pattern for maximum safety, period.


After establishing safe movement, exercise effectiveness comes into play.  Once this foundation of movement is established from someone that knows what real quality of movement is, you can expect dramatic results.  Here the point is that if you don’t get the proper training, you won’t be getting the results you deserve.  To ensure you uget the maximum benefit, you need to learn from someone that has been properly trained.  Because of the high level of movement skill that is required for kettlebell training, you simply will not get all the benefits you should if you’re learning from someone that’s not proplerly trained.  For you best results, you must learn from a qualified instructor.


Another important point is that your instructor must be able to not only identify inadaquate movement, but be able to correct.  This is what really separates an exceptional instructor from the rest, being able to correct or “fix” a movement pattern to make the exercise safe and efficient.  I always say that it takes some time to establish a good foundation of kettlebell training skills, but with a top instructor, this can be expedited quite quickly with the proper corrections.  You won’t get that for someone that’s not trained themselves and this is critically important.


Finally, you will get the best training progressions from a qaulified instructor.  They will be able to know what you’re ready for and what you’re not.  Knowing that you want the very best out of your training, your training progressions are vital to your results and constant improvement.  You won’t get the training progressions you derserve.  Notice how I keep talking about getting what you ‘deserve.’  It’s true, you deserve to get the best training and the only way to do that is to learn from someone that knows what they are doing.  Got it?

I hope this helps clear up why you simply MUST learn kettlebells from a qualified instructor.  This is a training method that demands you learn correctly to get the results you want.  The only way to do this is by finding a qualified instructor.  Anything less is simply not an option, seriously.

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