14 Mar 45 Ways to Describe The Turkish Get Up

Get UpI recently asked this question on the fan page.

I asked fans to describe, in one word, the Turkish get up.

There’s definitely something special and unique about this ancient exercise.

The concept of the exercise is simple.

You start on the ground and then you “get up” moving through a dynamic range of motion, mobility, and stability.

Of course, there’s a lot of details in between the start and the finish position.

And, once we learn the movement, then we can “load” the movement with a kettlebell (or barbell), which takes things to a whole new level of performance and strength.

Adding a weight is usually the epiphany or “a-ha” moment with the exercise.

Yeah, that’s usually when something “magical” happens.

Here’s a full list of words or simple statements that people (maybe you) came up with to describe this magnificent exercise.

  1. Complete
  2. Comprehensive
  3. Underrated
  4. Humbling
  5. Effective
  6. Meditative
  7. Healing
  8. Control
  9. Revelation
  10. Tough
  11. Functional
  12. Foundational
  13. Awesome
  14. Precious
  15. Deliberate
  16. The sh*t
  17. Relieving
  18. Classic
  19. Refining
  20. Hell
  21. Stalwart
  22. Art
  23. Puzzle
  24. Sinister
  25. Potent
  26. Omnidirectional
  27. Classical
  28. Peace
  29. Gut-Check
  30. Hellish
  31. Strength
  32. Awesomeness
  33. Everything
  34. Resolute
  35. Hardy
  36. Brutal
  37. Warmup
  38. Connectivity
  39. Epic
  40. Grace
  41. Unforgiving
  42. Adaptable
  43. Efficient
  44. Magical
  45. Butter (if swings are the bread, the get up is the butter)

That’s quite a description for one exercise, don’t you think?

What’s pretty amazing is all the different ways this exercise is described.

And, every one of them would be accurate.

To see the dynamics of an unweighted get up, click here.

The exercise is no joke and it’s every bit as brilliant as described.

What’s great is that these aren’t my words, but the words of people who have experienced the movement.

The Turkish get up is all this and more.

So, did you get up today?

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