25 Nov 5 Killer Kettlebell Complex Workouts (Advanced Kettlebell Workout Progressions)

Double KettlebellsAs this time of year gets busier (heck what time of year isn’t busy), sometimes you need really time efficient workouts to keep you consistent.

Consistency is the name of the game to get results and keep you progressing.

If you want to keep your training consistency, but have limited time, especially now with the holidays approaching, the ultimate workout system is what I’ll share with you now.

The double kettlebell complex is the most time efficient total body program there is.

But, these programs require 2 things.

1.)  You MUST have 2 kettlebells (obviously).

2.)  You MUST know how to use them properly.

A double kettlebell complex is a series of compound exercises performed sequentially without rest using the same set of kettlebells.

These are advanced programs, but they are extremely effective!

For example, it may look like this:

Workout #1:

  • A1) double clean and press x 5 reps
  • A2) double clean and front squat x 5 reps

You could perform 3 to 6 rounds of this and that may be all you need.

This looks simple right?

Well, it’s not…

As a matter of fact, this exact complex is extremely demanding with good size kettlebells that you can safely manage for 5 reps each.

The double kettlebell complex is literally opening up a can of “whoop ass” (for lack of a better word) on yourself.

Every time I do a series of complexes, it’s taxing and punishing on my body, but I love it.

The demand of a pair of kettlebells is challenging enough, but when you do this is a complex type combination, it’s extremely beneficial.

Time efficiency is only one of the great benefits of the double kettlebell complex.

Other benefits include cardiovascular conditioning, improved lean body muscle mass, illicit powerful systemic hormonal responses, improved endurance, promote fat loss, and improve mental toughness, just to name a few.

Here’s the program I did the other day (on the Holiday actually, since I didn’t have a lot of time that day).

Keep in mind, I train at home, so my gym is just 10 steps away…

Workout #2:

Here’s the workout:

  • A1) double kettlebell swings, 24 kg x 10 reps
  • A2) double kettlebell clean and press, 24 kg, x 5 reps
  • A3) double kettlebell front squats, 24 kg, x 5 reps

I rested approximately 1 minute between rounds and I completed 4 rounds total.

Next, I finished with 3 rounds of the following:

  • B1) pullups x 5 (if no pull up bar, you can do kettlebell rows x 10)
  • B2) ab wheel x 10 (if no ab wheel, do a plank for a 30 to 60 second hold).

That’s it!

Simple, time efficient, and I was feeling great after this workout.   I was smoked!

Simple, but NOT easy, that’s the beauty of the double kettlebell complex.

Here’s 3 more highly challenging complex programs you can use.

Workout #3:

  • A1) double kettlebell swings x 5
  • A2) double kettlebell cleans x5
  • A3) double kettlebell high pulls x5
  • A4) double kettlebell snatches x5

Workout #4:

  • A1) double kettlebell front squats x 5
  • A2) double kettlebell presses x5
  • A3) double kettlebell front squats x5 
  • A4) double kettlebell jerks x5

Workout #5:

  • A1) double swings x 10
  • A2) double presses x 5
  • A3) double swings x 5
  • A4) double push presses x5

These are all very physically demanding.

The goal is to perform a minimum of 3 rounds and potentially progressing up to 6.

As I mentioned, these are advanced programs.

You must know how to use a single kettlebell correctly before advancing to double kettlebell work.

The only excuse for not dong double kettlebell complexes are not fulfilling the requirements above (don’t have 2 kettlebells or don’t know how to use them properly).

If you know how to use kettlebells the right way, I definitely recommend getting a 2nd kettlebell and learn how to effectively use doubles for some of the programs I list here.

What kind of kettlebells should you use?

I still recommend the Dragon Door RKC kettlebells as they are the best quality kettlebells, in my experience.

If you haven’t discovered kettlebells, I highly recommend to find the closest certified instructor (RKC or SFG) and get started immediately.

DO NOT learn kettlebells from someone that is not a certified instructor because they do not know how to use them safely or effectively.

Sorry to be so blunt, but this is true and very important to keep in mind, especially if you are just beginning.

If you are a beginner, and don’t have a local instructor close to you, the check out the Kettlebells for Beginners DVD to see if it’s right for you.

Take action and elevate your training with the power of the double kettlebell complex.

There are many exercise combinations you can do for variety (this is just a small sample).

You’ll always be challenged and never be bored.

Double kettlebell complexes are easily one of the most effective workouts there is and definitely the most time efficient workouts on the planet.

Please “like” this or share it!  Thanks for reading.

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