12 Sep 5 Things I Discovered About Kettlebell Training (And How You Can Benefit)

Why kettlebell training?

I’ll honestly tell you that after decades of exercise training, there’s something special about training with a kettlebell.

It’s a tool that I believe I’ll continue to use for the rest of my life.

The portability, the effectiveness, and the simplicity make it something special.

What makes this tool different?

First, understand that it is just a tool.

But, a very powerful and effective tool for a variety of health and performance benefits.

Here’s a few key things that come to mind as I think about what I’ve discovered from kettlebells.


Kettlebells are not just another fitness fad or gimmick.

Fads come and go.

A kettlebell is one of the most efficient, proven, and powerful strengthening and conditioning tools we have available today.

While they aren’t anything new, they have become more mainstream in the fitness industry.

To be honest, I had no idea how effective a single kettlebell could be for improving training performance until I discovered how to use it – the right way.

Because kettlebells are time-tested and proven, they’re here to stay and will only grow as more people discover the benefits.


There are many benefits of kettlebell training.

Benefits such as:

  • strengthening
  • flexibility
  • conditioning
  • cardiovascular improvement
  • fat burning effects
  • superior back and shoulder strengthening
  • and much more…

I’ve said to many people that no matter what your goals are with a fitness program, most things can be accomplished – or enhanced – by incorporating kettlebells.

There are limitations like any other tool.

But, within one month or so of beginning my kettlebell training, I began to experience noticeable strength and cardiovascular improvements, fat loss, lean muscle building, improved posture, increased flexibility, and enhanced core and shoulder strength.

That’s a lot in a short period of time.

All of this was accomplished in just a third of the time I used to spend in the gym.

Time saving? You bet.


I never thought that you could accomplish so much with so little.

I believed you had to go the gym and use all of the basic equipment to get strong and muscular.

I was wrong.

I didn’t think you could get in superior shape at home, especially using such minimal home exercise equipment.

The essential kettlebell program I had initially been using involved just 2 kettlebells and 2 different loads.

I was able to eliminate hours of time at the gym and also in travel to and from the gym.

You can get a lot of mileage from just a few kettlebells as your complete home gym set-up.

That’s pretty amazing.


Let me explain this.

I initially learned kettlebells from reading books and watching videos.

While this was great and provided a decent foundation, I soon realized I needed to get the proper instruction to get maximum results.

And as a long time lifter and with my background as a physical therapist, I’m all about doing exercises correctly and preventing injury.

After all, this is a long-term process (important to remember that).

But after participating in my first “live” workshop, I realized that you must learn how to do the fundamental movements from a certified kettlebell trainer.

This isn’t even a question.

This is essential because a properly trained instructor can teach you what you are doing wrong and help you correct movement mistakes.

It’s like building a house, the house is only as strong as the foundation.

You have to master the foundational movements to advance to others.

I highly recommend getting guidance as early as possible from a certified instructor.

For a list of certified instructors, go to StrongFirst.com.


Many of the exercises done with kettlebell training work your entire body.

For example, the kettlebell swing may be one of the most effective total body exercises there is.

This exercise works nearly all of your major muscle groups and is a truly outstanding strengthening and conditioning exercise.

In the swing, you are working your back, hips, legs, core stabilizers, and to some degree your arms (biceps are working isometrically).

As you develop strength with this exercise, you may correct muscle imbalance (ex. weak posterior muscles, which is very common).

Many other exercises such as the get-up and the snatch are total body strengthening exercises, as well.

Rather than isolating your muscles, as you would at the gym doing bench presses, biceps curls, or triceps presses, you can work multiple muscle groups with just one exercise.

Benefits are time saving workouts, functional strengthening, and superior total body conditioning.

These are some of the things I have discovered about kettlebells that can help you in deciding if you should incorporate them into your training program.

For a time effective total fitness program, they’re hard to beat.

Maybe you’ve already discovered the same things I have.

Are they the “be all, end all?”


But they can be a foundational component of your program.

Discover kettlebells and reap the rewards.

Scott Iardella, MPT, CSCS writes about strength training methods to optimize health and performance. Join a strong and growing community of passionate fitness enthusiasts and subscribe below to get cool, free stuff! Subscribe at RdellaTraining.com/join and get FREE training resources right now.

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