18 Dec 6 Pack Abs Means Much More Than Just Looking Good

A nice set of six pack abs is pretty much a goal we all want. I mean really, who doesn’t want to have a fit, trim waistline and possibly the hallmark of being “in shape”, a set of six pack abs, right?

But, you know the reality is that having a six pack is extremely healthy for many reasons.  Many scientific studies have shown that having lean waistline shaves the risk for many life threatening diseases.  As a matter of fact, having a waistline measurement above 40 inches, for men, puts you at risk for heart disease and diabetes, two of the most deadly diseases there are.  A waistline above 35 inches for women increases the same risks. Think about this, as your waist grows larger, so does your risk for major diseases, such as the ones I’ve mentioned.

Reducing your waist size also seems to correlate with cancer risk, as well.  Obese patients are more likely to develop cancer, specifically cancers of the colon, kidneys, and digestive system.  There is a definite link between obesity and cancer, as increased fat in the body which causes a cascade bad events leading to cell mutations, which directly contribute to cancer promotion and proliferation.

Another advantage of a lean waist, as already mentioned above, is heading off diabetes. As more and more Americans are being diagnosed with this deadly disease, increased belly fat is found to be a major contributor.  There are many causative factors, including many years of eating high carbohydrate diets and lack of exercise that lead to this disease, both of which can cause an accumulation of belly fat over time.

How about having a six pack to prevent another one of the most common problems many people face at some point in their lifetime, back pain.  I can speak from personal experience here, since I had a major back dysfunction due to injury when I was younger, but even to this day, the stronger my abs and core musculature are, the less likely I am to experience any re-occurance of back pain.  Having a lean waist and strong core muscles will significantly help keep you from experiencing any back problems.  Strong abs means having a strong back and the less likely you will experience any dysfunction. This is a huge benefit of having a rock solid set of six pack abs!

Another advantage for you is that having a lean waist helps you function and perform better.  What do I mean by that?  I mean that no matter what you do, whatever sport, activity, or daily functional task you do, you will perform better by having a stronger and leaner waistline.  Having a strong core means better performance, whether it’s for sports, recreational activities, playing with your kids, or doing simple chores around the house.  If you’ve got a lean, chiseled waistline, then chances are you energy is pretty good too. But if not, I can bet that your energy levels aren’t where they should be either.  Another score for having a six pack, huh?

Weak abdominals and increased belly fat can lead to a host of health problems, dysfunctions, pain, and increased risk for life threatening disease.  Doesn’t it make sense to do everything you can to shed the belly fat and build that six pack that we ALL have in us?  Besides just looking good, you now know some of the major benefits of having six pack abs for total health, energy, and performance.

This is Day 18 of 31 Days of Smart Fitness.  It’s been great to write every day this month and come up with new content every day.  So, I will be back tomorrow for something new!

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