24 Nov 7 Simple Strategies for Healthy Holiday Eating

Holiday EatingThe Holiday Season is here.  While most people tend to put on the extra pounds each and every holiday season, you don’t have to follow that trend.

Here’s a few simple strategies you can use to actually get in great shape through this Holiday season, instead on packing on the weight

Yes, get in great shape during the holidays, not after.

Here’s the simple, proven strategies you can use ot get in amazing shape, starting now  to get you primed to be in the shape of your life.

Strategy 1:  Eat lean protein with every meal.  

Qualtiy, lean protein will help speed up your metabolism and can also help to satiate (feeling of your hunger being satisfied).  Instead of the breads, pastas, potatoes, and other carbs, opt for quality, lean protein, which will also help control your blood sugar levels and regulate the activity of the powerful hormone, insulin.

Strategy 2:  Drink a lot.

I know what you’re thinking, but I mean drink water.  Drink lots of water to help control your appetite, fully hydrate yourself, boost your metabolism, and many other healthy benefits.  Water is one of the most essential elements your body needs in abundance everyday, so make sure you get plenty H20, especially at holiday gatherings.

Strategy 3:  Bring a healthy dish with you.

If you are going to a Holiday party, bring something healthy to eat yourself.  Let’s face reality, chances are very high when you attend a holiday get together, there’s not going to be the healthiest food options, right?  So, bring your own healthy, homemade dish.  A simple solution to eating well at a work or family Holiday party.

Strategy 4:  Eat before you go.

A true insider’s secret.  Before attending a big Holiday event, eat a nutriton dense meal, right before you go.  This is a “sure fire” way to combat eating too much or eating the wrong foods during the Holidays.  Take control your heatlh and simply eat a big, healthy meal prior to the event, so that you’re not forced to make “unhealthy” choices when you get there.

Strategy 5:  Skip the alcohol.

Well, the facts are that alcoholic beverages are maybe one of the biggest contributors in adding excess ’empty’ calories.  Extra calories that have zero nutritional value is obviously not what you want.  Alcohol also fascilitates extra fat storage.  As mentioned above, drink plenty of water instead.  Excessive Holiday drinking is direct path to excessive body fat and ultimately poor health, so go NA (non alcoholic).

Strategy 6:  Portion control.  

Simply put, don’t gorge.  Eat consistently throughout the day on holidays, instead of saving it all up for the big meal and stuffing yourself.  Not only is this not healthy for several reasons, but you’ll actually feel pretty bad afterwards.  Control the portions you put on your plate, as well.  Eat until ‘comfortably full’ and not beyond.

Strategy 7:  Always plan ahead.

Maybe the single biggest strategy is to simply plan ahead.  As mentioned previously, eat before you go, take a dish with you, or planning to drink water in abundance.  These are all methods of planning ahead and creating a plan for success.  If you do this one thing alone, you’ll be very successful this Holiday season.  Know what your goal is and then have a plan to get you there.  It’s that simple.  Don’t wait until the New Year to kick start your health and fitness, get started right now.

What’s the old saying, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”  Plan ahead.

These 7 simple strategies will allow you to avoid the typcial Holiday weight gain syndrome and get leaner, fitter, and healthier than ever before, even during the Holidays.  Cheers!

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