01 Jul Alex Zinchenko – Rough Strength (And Training Simplicity)

(#127) Alex Zinchenko, author of Rough Strength Files, is this week’s featured podcast guest.

Alex is a self-proclaimed “strength addict” and strength coach who shares his simple ideas and strategies on training and nutrition to maximize results.

This is a informative and straightforward session about strength training philosophy and methodology in an exclusive interview from the Ukraine.

Here’s what you learn about this week:

  • How Alex got started with his strenth journey
  • The book that started in all
  • Dealing with injury
  • The definition of “Rough Strength”
  • The surprising prevalence of kettlebells in Ukraine
  • How he learned to use kettlebells
  • How he describes his style of kettlebell training
  • 2 limiitations with kettlebells
  • Why strength is so important
  • Hidden beneifts of strength
  • Is there a quality of strength that’s most important?
  • What he’s currently working on with his training
  • His appoach to programming
  • How he prevents “overreaching”
  • His simple approach to nutrition – how to avoid “getting lost”
  • The inspiration behind “Rough Strength Files”
  • Specific tips to be able to perform the free standing hand stand
  • The one arm push up – thoughts and progressions
  • What he learned from Paul Wade
  • A problem in the fitness industry – and how to fix it
  • The most important thing about getting results
  • A big misconception about advanced lifters
  • His big training advice to his younger self
  • The big influences on his training
  • And more…

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