28 Sep Are You Up For A Challenge?

KettlebellThere’s nothing like group accountability and a focused goal to help you achieve a result.

With that said, I’ve got a question for you.

Are you up for the challenge?

I’ve got a 30 day fitness challenge for you, if you’re up for the task.

Keep reading because I’ll provide all the details about an exciting fitness challenge from RdellaTraining.com.

I’ll tell you what you need, how you’ll benefit, and how to get started (what the next steps are), so please read all the way through.

The October Fitness Challenge (OFC) will begin on:

Monday, September 30th.

Here are the 2 simple things you need to participate.

You need a specific goal you want to achieve for the month and a specific program you’ll use to achieve that goal.

It doesn’t matter what program you choose, as long as you have a program that specifically will help you achieve that goal.

What this means is there are no “random acts of training” during the month of October.  None of that!

Instead, you’ll be FOCUSED on achieving a specific, primary goal with the program you select.

In order for you to have a goal, you’ll also need to know where you are right now.

In other words, you need to know your current state (Point A) and desired outcome (Point B).

For example, my specific goal is to improve by barbell deadlift by 10 – 20 pounds by the end of the month.

That means I must know where my current max barbell deadlift is in order to improve that number by 10 to 20 pounds.

You can have any goal you want, but it should be measurable, and keep in mind this is over the course of 30 days, so be realistic with what you want to achieve.

My 10 pound increase is definitely realistic, but the 20 pound improvement is a ‘stretch goal’ over the next month.

Think of your goals in “buckets” of different outcomes.

Here are the big “buckets” (there may be others, as well).

1-Aesthetic (Body Composition)
5-Mental Toughness

Now, here are some examples of specific goals, to give you an idea:

  • Lose 5-10 lbs of body fat
  • Decrease body fat by 2% or greater
  • Fit into “old jeans” by end of month
  • Decrease waist size by 1/2′
  • Increase Muscle Mass in Chest, Arms. Legs by 1/4″-1/2″
  • Increase strength in Deadlift by 10#
  • Barbell Back Squat Bodyweight x 10 reps
  • Hit new PR (personal record) in barbell squat
  • Complete kettlebell Snatch test (depends where you are currently)
  • Complete 500 swings in one exercise session
  • Press 1/2 Bodyweight kettlbell or hit new PR
  • Complete 10,000 swings for the month
  • Sprint 2 times per week (performing 8, 50 yard sprints each session)
  • Or maybe to complete “X” program for the challenge and sense of accomplishment

These are just examples, so give it some thought.

The idea is to have one big, primary goal (and maybe a few secondary goals).

Once you have the goal (and know your starting point), then pick the appropriate program you will fully commit to over the next month.

Then, here’s how it works and how you’ll benefit.

There will be 3 “check-in” days per week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) on the Facebook Fan Page, beginning on Monday, 9/30/13.

Look for the post titled “OCTOBER FITNESS CHALLENGE” on those 3 days.

I will also number each challenge update, 1 through 12 (4 weeks, 3 times per week, for a total of 12 accountability sessions, running through 10/25).

For example, the 1st 2 sessions would look like this (for Monday and Wednesday):


Got it?

Now, for the 1st session, you will post the following (this is IMPORTANT):

1-Your specific, primary goal for the month and any other secondary goals, if you want.
2-The program you’ll be following (in general or specific terms).
3-How many days per week you will be training.  You will stick to the program as compliantly as you can during the month.  Remember, you’ll be accountable to me and to the group.

For the next session, you simply post your update under the OFC #2 post on the Fan Page.

This is where I will put my updates on how my goals are progressing, as well.

It’ simple and straightforward and you’ll see how it works, once we get it going.

Just for your background, my training program is a Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday program, but I’ll only post updates on just the 3 days mentioned above.

If your training days are different, just post updates 3 times a week from your most recent training day.

For example, if you are training Tuesday and not Wednesday, on the Wednesday post, you’ll post your training update from Tuesday’s session.

The idea is that YOU will “check in” on these days, even  if you didn’t train on that day, you’ll still have accountability for how things are progressing for you or what challenges you are having.

Participants will be required to “check in” 3x per week and report back on progress.

Keep in mind, you do want to have a challenging program here.

Part of this is challenge is to actually “challenge” yourself.  Make sense?

The bottom line is this is a fantastic way to push through a training program together, help each other out, inspire each other, and help one another reach a specific goal.

So, here are the benefits of the OFC.  You will:

1-Focus on a specific program
2-Have group accountability
3-Achieve a realistic, desired result over the 30 day time frame
4-Get feedback on challenges and successes.
5-And, get out of your comfort zone!

Here’s what you need to do next:

1-Accept the challenge by posting “I’m in” on the Facebook Fan page.
2-Pick ONE BIG goal you want to work on and achieve over the month.
3-Pick the program to match the goal.
4-On Monday, 9/30/13, look for the post “OCTOBER FITNESS CHALLENGE #1” and post the 3 things listed above (goal, program, training frequency).
4-Check in 3x per week on the OCTOBER FITNESS CHALLENGE posts on Facebook.
5-At the end of the month, we see is we were able to accomplish our goal (Remember, it’s all about progress).  Then we celebrate!

That’s all there is to it.

This benefits all of us and you will have a result in taking this challenge.

I can’t guarantee what that result will be, but you will definitely benefit from accepting the challenge, without a doubt.

I hope you accept the challenge and join me for a great month of training ahead.

If you’re not sure of a program, don’t stress about it.

Pick something simple.

There are plenty of programs and simple “concepts” to follow for a month (or longer).

Remember, the best programs are the simplest, so don’t overcomplicate things.

Just make sure the program matches the goal.

If the program you pick goes longer than 30 days, this will be a great way to “jump start” the program.

Be a Renegade.  

Don’t let any excuses hold you back from participating.

If you want to make your training a priority then…


I’ll see you over on the Fan page.

(Have questions? Let me know)

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