27 Mar The Awesomeness of The Turkish Get Up

TGU504The Turkish Get Up (TGU) is one of the most valuable exercises for every fitness enthusiast and athlete. This isn't even a question. The TGU is an exercise that offers improved movement skills, dynamic strength, powerful and  resilient shoulders, and a high level of mobility and stability. If there's a "breakthrough" exercise for most people, this is it.
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25 Mar How To Focus (5 Steps To Massive Results)

(#112) In this week's podcast, I've got a 5 step process to get you focused on your most important goal. This is a specific and actionable process you'll want to take action with if you're committed to getting results. I'll walk you through the simple 5 step process. Getting focused is a common stumbling block for many, but I've made the process easy and repeatable to achieve results in anything. Take action with this because the process works.
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18 Mar Dan John Returns – Can You Go?

(#111) Dan John returns to the podcast to discuss his latest projects in an "all-new" interview session loaded with great content and insights as only Dan can share. And, you'll hear about his upcoming book, "Can You Go?" Dan John is the author of several great books including, Never Let Go, Intervention, and the latest book, Fat Loss Happens on Monday. He's a renowned strength coach and one of the most highly respected fitness professionals in the industry with an extensive athletic and coaching background. If you know Dan, then you know he ALWAYS shares great content.
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15 Mar How To Do The Zercher Squat – The Best Squat You’re Not Doing

The barbell zercher squat has to be the best squat that most people never do. I've never gone into a gym or training facility and observed someone performing a zercher. And, rarely do a I hear about someone incorporating zerchers into their program, yet it's such an effective and valuable squat variation that makes it almost impossible to squat improperly.
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11 Mar Abel James – The Wild Diet

(#110) Author, podcaster, entrepreneur, and health expert Abel James joins me this week on the podcast. Abel has helped millions of people reclaim their health with his top rated podcast, "The Fat Burning Man Show." He's the author of the new book, "The Wild Diet: Get Back to Your Roots, Burn Fat, and Drop Up to 20 Pounds in 40 Days." This is an information packed session discussing nutrition, training, and how to achieve long term health and fitness success.
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06 Mar 5 Unique Benefits of The Kettlebell Swing

What makes the Russian style kettlebell swing such a unique exercise? Specifically, what makes the exercise so unique and effective for optimizing back health? It's so valuable, that I wrote a recent article for StrongFirst about my personal experience and how the kettlebell swing has greatly contributed to keeping my back strong and pain-free after a major injury years ago. But, what specifically makes this exercise different compared to other major lifts and exercises?
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04 Mar Training Setbacks (And Speeding Recovery)

(#109) In this short episode, I'll share some simple key strategies I used to speed recovery after dealing with a training setback this week. Unfortunately over the last few days, I got hammered with an illness, but was able to bounce back quickly with the simple strategies I share in this week's episode. Whether you're dealing with getting sick, a minor injury, or any training related setback, this simple approach will help you come back strategically for the long term. Just a few quick tips this week on dealing with adversity, optimizing recovery, and getting back to training.
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25 Feb Jordan Harbinger – The Skill of Confidence

(#108) Jordan Harbinger is this week's podcast guest. Jordan is the co-founder of "The Art of Charm" podcast and is an expert in the skill of confidence. Mindset is everything. In this interview, you'll learn why confidence is central to our success and you'll learn how to build the skill quickly or take your confidence to an even higher level (without being perceived as arrogant). Here's some of what you'll learn about this week:
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