01 Jan Review: The Top Fitness Trends This Year

... If you enjoyed this episode, please drop a quick review in iTunes or Stitcher. Click here to review and subscribe in iTunes. Or click here to review and subscribe in Stitcher. SHOW NOTES: To read more on The Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends, click here. Forget New Year's resolutions. For a strong year ahead,...

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29 Dec 10 Great Fitness Accessories.

I'm asked a lot about the training accessories I use, so I thought I'd write up a short list to share. This is not the primary equipment I use (meaning kettlebells, plates, bars, etc.), but some of the "staple" training accessories. These are all pretty much standard...

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25 Dec Jason Ferruggia: The “Raw” Truth About Strength and Conditioning

(#46) Here's an interview you've got to hear with Strength Coach, Author, and Entrepreneur, Jason Ferruggia. Jason is a renowned strength coach since 1994 and creator of Renegade Strength and Conditioning. This is an honest, informative, and valuable interview session that you'll be able to use and apply immediately. Here's what you will learn in this amazing interview with Jason:
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18 Dec 7 Simple Program Ideas for Maximum Results

(#45) In this episode, I'll share 7 simple program examples to maximize performance and results. Simple is the key word here. And, simple also means highly effective, at least with the programs I mentioned. As this year is winding down, we need to really start thinking about our goals right now for the year ahead. And, we need to find the right program to meet our goals. If you're committed to getting out of the gates strong in the New Year, I'll give you 7 proven and effective program ideas that could literally take your training to the next level. Here's what you'll learn about in the episode:
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