25 Sep Dr. Michael Hartle: How To Build Serious Strength And Power

(#37) Learn how to develop serious strength and power in this important interview with Dr. Michael Hartle.  Dr. Hartle has an extensive background in powerlifting as a nationally ranked competitor with USAPL, he is a Master Kettlebell Instructor, and is a practicing Chiropractor, among many other notable credentials. Dr. Hartle has incredible knowledge and passion about barbell training and is currently one of the chief instructors in the StrongFirst barbell certification, which you'll hear about in the interview. Here's some of what you'll learn in this jam packed audio session:
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17 Sep Mark Toomey On The Philosophy And Vision of StrongFirst

(#36) Learn all about strength training through the philosophy and vision of StrongFirst with the CEO of StrongFirst, Mark Toomey. The organization's creed is "strength has a greater purpose" and you'll learn all about this mission in this interview session. Mark is extremely passionate and educated in many aspects of the fitness industry and is one of the creators of the StrongFirst organization, along with Pavel Tsatsouline, the founder of the modern day kettlebell movement. If you don't know about StrongFirst and how you can benefit from the workshops, certifications, and resources, you'll learn everything you need to know in this interview. And, if you're already involved in the StrongFirst community, you'll hear about what's on the horizon and how to continue your own skill progressions. Here's some of what you'll hear about in this great interview:
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