31 Aug Dr. Stuart McGill: Kettlebells And Spine Biomechanics For Improved Performance

(#35) Learn about the most cutting edge research in spinal stabilization and strength training with the world's leading spine biomechanics expert, Dr. Stuart McGill. I was extremely honored to speak with Dr. McGill and learn from his incredible knowledge and experience in the area of spine biomechanics to maximize performance and prevent injuries. I  can guarantee one thing.  You will learn a lot in this interview. Dr. McGill is the author of Low Back Disorders and Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance, both of which are breakthrough books in the area of spinal stabilization and "core" training. In this episode, Dr. McGill reveals his philosophy and treatment approaches with his unique patients and high level athletes. Here's some of what you'll learn about in this highly informative podcast session:
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28 Aug How To Fix Your Squat: 5 Common Mistakes.

You already know that the squat is an extremely powerful lift in effective strength training. But, would you be surprised to find out that you didn’t squat properly? The squat is a fundamental human movement and also one of the absolute best ways to build brute full body strength. Unfortunately,...

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15 Aug Bret Contreras: Glute Science and Training with “The Glute Guy”

(#34) Get the latest information and research on glute training (which is central to training success and getting the results we want) in this audio interview with "The Glute Guy," Bret Contreras. Bret is the co-author of a new best selling book "Strong Curves" which was written for woman, but you'll learn why we all need this information to enhance our training and performance. Bret is a strength and conditioning specialist and researcher who is working on his PhD in Sports Science and he's got some excellent information to share that can improve your training. Here's some of what you'll learn in this interview:
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