11 Aug (VIDEO) How To Do The Turkish Get Up (Unweighted)

Here's a short demo of the Turkish Get Up, with no weight. [vc_video link='https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzJLGohjX7A'] The most important thing to to remember about the get up, as it's demonstrated here, is to learn the movement in a slow, controlled, safe technique before adding a weight to the movement. Once the...

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07 Aug Charlie Weingroff: “A Different Version of Strong”

(#33) Learn a new version of strength training as revealed in a candid and extremely insightful interview with Physical Therapist, strength coach, and kettlebell certified instructor, Charlie Weingroff. Charlie is a guy with incredible experience, passion, and knowledge about strength training, injury prevention, and maximizing human performance. He's the ultimate "no BS" strength coach with an uncomplicated, raw view on getting strong and getting results. I was honored to speak to him recently and learn about his dynamic approach, which you'll hear all about in this interview. I highly encourage you to take notes and listen while fully engaged without distractions so that you can learn and take in the lessons he discusses in this interview. Listen, learn, and apply the information that is presented in this (and each) podcast episode. Here's some of what you'll hear about in this session:
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05 Aug Kettlebell Workout: The ‘Power 5’ Kettlebell Complex

Here's a simple, single kettlebell complex for total body strength and conditioning. [vc_video link='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97GHYfVbdhE'] It's a wicked, but simple complex that includes 5 of the fundamental kettlebell exercises: swings snatches cleans front squats presses Move through each exercise, without rest, with an appropriate sized kettlebell for your skill...

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04 Aug The Great Kettlebell Hoax?

Are kettlebells just some fitness fad? Or are they a premier strength and conditioning tool that will continue to evolve, expand, and spread to the masses? Here's my thoughts on this. This fitness industry is funny. There are fitness fads that come and go all the time. Fads are what...

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31 Jul Eric Cressey on Maximum Strength

(#32) Maximizing strength, minimizing risk for injury, and programming ideas are some of the topics that are discussed in this informative podcast episode. Listen to an amazing interview with the Author of the book Maximum Strength, Eric Cressey. Eric is a renowned strength and conditioning coach, owner of Cressy Performance, and author of many books and articles on strength, conditioning, and injury prevention. Anytime you can get a guy like Eric to learn from, we need to listen and think about how we can apply his great insights and perspectives into our own strength and performance training. You'll learn a lot in this power packed, informational audio interview session with valuable, practical advice to your improve strength and performance. Here's some of what you'll hear about in this episode:
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