18 Jul Danny Camargo Discusses Keys To Olympic Weightlifting

(#31) Here's your guide to Olympic weightlifting with U.S. International Weightlifting coach, Danny Camargo. You'll learn all about the Olympic lifts in this great podcast episode. Danny is passionate, knowledgeable, and extremely transparent in his approach. This is a very insightful and valuable interview if you're new to weightlifting or you want to advance your training progressions. Here's some of what you'll learn in this episode:
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09 Jul 5 Advanced Kettlebell Progressions You Should Know About

(#30) Learn about 5 specific, powerful kettlebell progressions to consider in your kettlebell training journey. These progressions are for those that have a strong foundation of fundamental kettlebell skills. But, even if you're not ready for these yet, this will be important to understand for future consideration and program progressions. Benefits of the exercises covered in this episode include:
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30 Jun How To Use Double Kettlebells For Size And Strength

Kettlebell training could be considered revolutionary. I say this because it's such a simple training tool that offers so many training benefits for the vast majority. After strength training for many years now, I definitely feel I have a sense for what works and what doesn't. My hope is that more people will discover how to use kettlebells to accomplish the things they want. Things like size and strength, for example. People often ask, can you really get bigger and stronger using kettlebells? My answer is "of course you can," when you learn how to use them properly (technique) and learn what to do with them (methods and programming). It's important to remember that you can use kettlebells for many different goals.
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