05 Jan The Myth of Fat

Does anyone still believe that fat is still the enemy? Maybe the simple question is, is fat bad? The key to getting the body you want may be more directly related to the type and how much fat you consume. We already KNOW that over consuming carbs makes...

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20 Dec SB 002 | The Kettlebell Episode

This is the Kettlebell Episode.  In this episode you'll learn the main benefits of training with kettlebells.  I also answer some common questions about kettlebells in this brief introduction to my favorite training method. To subscribe to the podcast, click here. Show Notes: To find a local RKC...

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19 Dec The Zen of Kettlebells

I write a lot about kettlebells for many reasons. One of the most important reasons I write about them is because kettlebells are a simple fitness training tool that offers many benefits. Remember, simple doesn't mean easy. If you're a newbie to kettlebells, make sure you go back...

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