06 Dec David Whitley – Clears Up Kettlebell Confusion???

(#20) The latest episode of the podcast features an in-depth discussion with Master SFG Kettlebell Instructor, David Whitley, also known as the "Irontamer." Dave has the honor of being a Master Instructor with Pavel Tsatsouline's new organization, StrongFirst. He's one of the top guys in the kettlebell community and always has great knowledge and tips to share. In this session we discuss common questions and topics related to kettlebells and strength training that may have some misunderstanding, depending on who you're listening to. You'll learn the truth about topics like:
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14 Nov Dan John Discusses His Book – Intervention

(#19) This episode features a very candid and exclusive interview with renowned Strength Coach, the one and only, Dan John. If you don't know who Dan is, get ready for a world class education in strengthening and conditioning. And, if you do know about Dan, then get ready to absorb more knowledge, as you already know how much insight and value he provides every single time he speaks. Brilliance, insight, and full transparency. He's also one of the most humble and down to earth people you'll ever meet.
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30 Oct Mark Reifkind: An Incredible 40 Years of Exercise Wisdom

(#18) In this session, I was very honored to interview long time strength coach, movement expert, and former competitive athlete, Mark Reifkind. You'll learn a ton in this information packed interview, where we discuss the theme of strength training over the age of 40. Mark has extensive experience, as an athlete and an elite strength and performance coach.  The knowledge and passion he shares is unbelievable. Here's just a few samples of what we cover in this episode:
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