09 Oct Tim Anderson on Becoming Bulletproof

(#17) In this episode of the Podcast, you'll learn about a very different way to train and "bullet proof" your body by returning to fundamental movements. You may be VERY surprised what these movements are and how they can elevate your training and performance. In this interview, I got to speak to the author of the book "Becoming Bulletproof," Tim Anderson. Tim is an RKC kettlebell instructor, Functional Movement Specialist, personal trainer, book author, and just a great guy. This is a ground breaking training concept, not to be missed.
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04 Oct Can We Really Trust The Paleo Diet?

Paleo nutrition continues to gain momentum in the health and fitness circles around the world. But, does it really work or is it just another diet fad? For your background, the Paleo diet is eating like our Paleolithic ancestors ate. In the simplest terms it’s eating lean meats,...

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17 Sep Dallas and Melissa Hartwig – It Starts With Food

(#16) In this episode, I'm honored to interview Dallas and Melissa Hartwig, founders of Whole9Life.com. Dallas and Melissa are also the authors of an amazing new book called, "It Starts With Food." In this session, they provide practical, actionable advice about the topic of Paleo Nutrition. You'll get new insights about optimizing health and nutrition, as well as learn about some great resources to take action on immediately after listening to this interview.
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