13 Jul Barbells, Kettlebells, And The Link To 31 Things We All Want…

DeadliftLet’s face the facts.

The fitness industry has a lot of nonsense out there.

There’s way too many “gimmicks,” gadgets, fads, scams, “fitness gurus,” and outright misinformation in fitness.

It’s sad and I see it all the time.

I bet you do too.

That’s exactly what I stand AGAINST.

Here’s something that is the flat out truth though.

The best training implements are the simplest.

Simple, in terms of what they are.

Keep in mind, simple does not mean easy.

Let’s take a look at a list of common fitness goals most people want.

Some things on this list are things I want and I know they are things you want, as well.

Here they are.

  1. Lose weight (consistently a #1 goal)
  2. Burn body fat
  3. Build more muscle
  4. Feel stronger
  5. Be more confident
  6. Get in better shape
  7. Lose 10-20 pounds (the most common numbers)
  8. Exercise more
  9. Have more energy
  10. Improve flexibility and mobility
  11. Look better
  12. Have a hot body
  13. Get 6 pack abs
  14. Feel better
  15. Improve athletic performance
  16. Get ripped
  17. Have an athletic looking body
  18. Feel great about ourselves
  19. Look great in our favorite clothes
  20. Feel powerful in our body
  21. Feel healthy
  22. Be a better person
  23. Live passionately
  24. Feel vibrant and alive
  25. Compete in an athletic event
  26. Win a competition
  27. Feel younger
  28. Prevent injuries
  29. Move better
  30. Feel invincible
  31. Become superhuman (yeah, some of us want that)

This is a list of 31 things we all want, right?

That brings us back to barbells and kettlebells.

They are the means to the end.

The fact is that all of the things on this list can be accomplished by using just these 2 tools.

They can be accomplished by properly using a barbell and a kettlebell, the ultimate strength and conditioning tools we have available to us.

That’s right, I would argue that everything on this list can be achieved by using these 2 tools appropriately.

However, some people insist on doing things like:

  • complicated, expensive, and restrictive exercise machines
  • absurd exercise “devices” that promise a ripped, muscular body (or some other result) with something that either doesn’t work or is totally and completely unnecessary
  • treadmills and other “death by cardio” LSD (long slow duration) exercises that do nothing to strengthen the body
  • ridiculous and unsafe fitness programs that completely “miss” the benefits of strength and movement and instead focus on entertainment value
  • and other methods, systems, tools, programming, and “exercises” that are utterly useless for a majority of people and fail to actually make us better

Barbells and kettlebells are proven.

They are powerful.

And, they are incredibly effective for a variety of training goals.

Despite popular belief, they are also extremely appropriate for just about everyone, from youth to senior and everyone in between.

They represent the very best in strength, human movement, motor control, skill development, neuromuscular efficiency, and athleticism.

Are barbells and kettlebells the ONLY thing we should do?

Don’t misunderstand, I’m not saying that at all.

What I am saying is that they should be the foundation for our training to provide significant progress towards the goals we want.

I know that barbells and kettlebells will not and do not appeal to everyone and that’s actually a shame.

One reason is because they do require hard work and skill development and many people are simply looking for the “easiest way” to get a result.

We don’t need to learn the whole array of exercises with these tools either.

Learning how to squat, deadlift, swing, get up, press, (and maybe clean, and snatch) will give us everything we’re trying to achieve and a lot more.


I keep saying this, but it’s all about one thing: FUNDAMENTALS.

Master the fundamentals, progress the fundamentals, get massive results, end of story.

Barbells and kettlebells will give us everything we want, if we truly understand this and learn how to use these powerful tools properly.

Again, don’t misunderstand that I’m saying this is all we should do.

Understand this is the foundation to getting what we want, plain and simple.


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  • Joe Aldridge
    Posted at 21:38h, 15 July Reply

    Amen and Amen – exactly, Well done Scott

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