12 Aug Becca Borawski Jenkins of Breaking Muscle

(#133) Becca Borawski Jenkins, Managing Editor of the wildly successful Breaking Muscle joins for a great interview session this week.

We discuss the evolution of Breaking Muscle, her training journey, and she shares unique success tips and strategies for writers.

We covered many great topics in this informative interview.

Here’s what you’ll hear about this week:

  • Understand the “real” mission of Breaking Muscle
  • What makes the site different
  • She discusses some of the surprising big controversies
  • What’s on the horizon from Breaking Muscle
  • Learn about Becca’s training journey – how she started
  • Why she gave up CrossFit (and what she does now)
  • She explains WHY she does her current training approach
  • What she likes about kettlebells
  • A pivotal point in her training – when she was told to “go home”
  • How important strength is for her
  • What she does for “conditioning”
  • If she could train with anyone – who would it be?
  • We discussed her background in writing
  • Writing habits – great tips for success
  • The hardest part about writing
  • Her writing routine – what she does to get in a “flow state”
  • Here big advice for writers
  • What she looks for from writers – the one simple thing
  • What the fitness industry can do better
  • Her biggest frustration in the industry
  • Her FANTASTIC closing advice!

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***NOTE that since the time of this interview, Becca has moved to another venture. You can now find her at WholeLifeChallenge.com.  Additionally, for the writing tips and information we discussed, please check out writing.huntgatherbrew.com.

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