05 May 10 Reasons I Train For Speed

As an aging athlete who doesn't complete in field sports, I still train for speed. I know 30 year-olds who don't get out and sprint, so why do I it? Well, speed training is the absolute pinnacle of human performance. Moving fast and explosively literally trumps everything else when it comes to human movement. Strength is the foundation, but speed is king. What if you're not an athlete though?
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25 Mar Kettlebells Aren’t Optional

When I started training with kettlebells back in 2009 at a workshop with Andre DuCane, I literally had no idea how valuable and important this training tool would be. You see, for me kettlebells aren't optional training tools, they're essential. No matter what I do, what other tools I use, or what my training goals are - kettlebells will always have a role in my approach. Here’s why.
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28 Sep What Is Athleticism?

If you have a body, you are an athlete. That's according to the mega-brand Nike. Athleticism is a word you've probably heard a million times. What does it mean though? How would you define it? What exactly is "athleticism?" I've heard people say many times, "He - or she - is so athletic." So, I googled the term and here's what I came up with:
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04 Sep How To Design Workouts Around 5 Basic Movements

Fundamental movements. What I want to explain is a simple concept that came from the work of the great Dan John. It's workout design based on 5 fundamental movements. If there's one coach who's had the greatest impact on me personally, it would be Dan. Since I was asked about this approach recently (thank you Brad), I'll explain how you can take this concept and put it into practice immediately. Workout design (*for the record, I much prefer to call "workouts" - training sessions, but that's another story) can be as simple as building around the 5 fundamental movement patterns.
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06 Jul Kettlebell Training For Lacrosse (The Ultimate Guide)

In my experience as a strength coach, kettlebells are the most underutilized strength and conditioning tool for lacrosse athletes. This is because most lacrosse athletes (and field athletes in general) do not understand how these simple training tools can help them translate to better field performance. This is a sad fact. The appropriate and correct applications of kettlebell training will not only help athletes improve performance but also greatly contribute to reducing risk for injuries, yet few athletes use these highly accessible tools. Why is that? I have many thoughts, but the bottom line is this article will shed some serious light on the topic. By using kettlebells, most athletes could improve speed and power measurements in just 6-8 weeks by following a well designed kettlebell program. That's not to mention the improvement of other intangibles - such as broad-movement skills, breathing efficiency, and overall durability to reduce injuries. I know these might appear to be bold statements but I have first hand experience in seeing these benefits through the years. My goal is to make what you're reading right now the most comprehensive article available on the internet on the topic of kettlebell training for lacrosse athletes. You won't find much on this topic, until now. If you're a lacrosse athlete, parent, coach or anyone who works with lacrosse athletes, you can't afford to miss out on this information, especially if you want to stay ahead in today's game.
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12 Jul Transformational Lessons I Learned From Coach Glenn Pendlay

It was the summer of 2013 when I attended an exceptional weightlifting seminar. It was July, 2013 and it was taught by the renowned Weightlifting Coach Glenn Pendlay. First, thank you Glenn for a great seminar. At the time, I had no idea how great of a coach you were. Thank you for providing one of the most valuable learning experiences I've ever attended. While I've attended many wonderful seminars and workshops in the last 10 years or so, this was certainly one that stands out. I can still remember sitting in the back of the hot gym down here in South Florida and taking notes while he was presenting the lecture portion of the seminar.  It was hot, humid, and sticky...and I sat a steel fold up chair taking diligent notes.
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10 Jul The 3 Essential Kettlebell Workouts

Here is what I would consider to be 3 essential kettlebell workouts First, I much prefer the term “training session” when referring to a workout, so I’ll use that moving forward.  But, the word “workout” seems to resonate with people, I understand. These are simple, valuable and effective kettlebell training sessions that virtually anyone can do (provided they have the requisite skills). These sessions are also not too much volume
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08 Jul A No-Nonsense Plan To Keep Your Back Healthy And Strong

Developing a strong, healthy back is an important training goal. Not only is it important, but it's a requirement for long-term health, performance, high function and happiness. Yes, happiness. Because when you're in pain, your life is miserable. Believe me, I know. I've been there, done that. I want to tell you how you can forge a back of steel. A back so strong, it's like iron. Durable, strong, resilient.
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