16 Jun The 7 Most Important Kettlebell Exercises

Here's the 7 most important kettlebell exercises, as demonstrated in this short video. [vc_video link=''] Without question, these are the most important kettlebell exercises to focus on, whether beginner or advanced. It's all about the fundamentals folks. "What makes the elite is that the elite are better at the...

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11 Jun Powering The Kettlebell Swing (VIDEO)

[vc_video link=''] Hey guys, it's Scott. In this short video, I have 3 great tips for you around the kettlebrell swing. What your going to learn here is how to get the most from the kettlebell swing with these 3 simple tips. Now, there are a lot more things...

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08 Jun You Are An Athlete.

... I believe that.  Do you? ---------------------------------------------------------------------- If you've got kettlebell skills and want a program to help you achieve your strength and performance goals, then grab yourself a FREE copy of the "Shock & Awe" Protocol right now!...

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24 May The Russian Kettlebell Swing Vs The American Kettlebell Swing

Let's try to clear the big debate once and for all about the kettlebell swing, shall we? Let me explain a common question and help shed some new perspective on 2 different styles of the kettlebell swing (the Russian swing and the American swing).

Which style is better?

This is clearly a hugely debated question, isn't it? The intent here is NOT to bash one method, but to look at things from a safety, biomechanical, and effectiveness viewpoint and try to rationalize and understand the difference between 2 styles as much as possible.
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18 May 5 Ways To Improve Your Kettlebell Snatch

I remember a few years ago when I discovered the kettlebell snatch. That was around the time I had decided I was going to train to become an RKC certified kettlebell instructor. So, looking over the requirements for certification, one of the requirements was to perform 100 kettebell snatches with a 24kg (53lb) kettlebell in 5 minutes or less. When I made my 1st attempt at this, it wasn't pretty and I definitely had my work cut for me to get to that level of strength and conditioning. After a lot of practice rounds, technique work, and relentless conditioning, I finally made the 'snatch test' a staple in my conditioning training. Even today, the snatch test is never easy, but it is always achievable and an insanely effective 5 minute "all-out" conditioning experience.
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