13 May RT 119 | Jen Sinkler Is Unapologetically Strong

The wonderful, Jen Sinkler, is the featured guest this week on the podcast. Jen is a true fitness professional who's evolved through years of training experience. She's a writer, coach, and self-proclaimed fitness eclectic with a unique approach to fitness and performance. She's also a successful strength athlete and fitness influencer who's making a difference.
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08 May RT 118 | How I Train

In this week's episode, I'll discuss how I train and dig deeper into my own training philosophy. Thanks to a listener who wanted to know more about my own training, this episode will discuss my approach to the short and long term. I'll answer the questions that I frequently ask my guests on the show. Here's what you'll hear about this week:
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29 Apr RT 117 | Dr. Ed Thomas, Training History and Cutting Edge Concepts

This is an "exclusive" interview with the renowned Dr. Ed Thomas. I'm extremely honored to have Dr. Thomas share his extensive experiences in this insightful and wisdom-filled interview session. Dr. Thomas has a distinguished background in physical training with decades of unique experiences. This is truly an "exclusive" as there are no other podcasts available with Dr. Thomas.
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22 Apr RT 116 | How To Become Unstoppable

Is this episode, I'll tell you how you can become unstoppable and transcend yourself to another level. This is how to make your training "effortless." No matter where you are right now (novice or advanced), this is one of the most powerful things you can do. Why do you train? Have you really thought about the reasons you're training? I'll discuss the 9 personal reasons I train, how things have evolved over the years, and what really keeps me moving forward today.
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15 Apr RT 115 | Brett Jones – Functional Movement And Uncommon Training Approaches

Brett Jones, Chief SFG (StrongFirst) Instructor is this week's podcast guest. Brett is a Pittsburgh based fitness expert and international presenter with years of professional experiences. He has a Master of Science in Rehabilitative Science from Clarion University and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He's a national and international presenter for the Functional Movement Screen, as well as an Advisory Board Member.
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08 Apr RT 114 | Dr. Fred Hatfield – Life Lessons In Strength

Dr. Fred Hatfield (a.k.a. Dr. Squat) returns to the podcast this week for another wisdom-filled interview. In this sesssion, I asked about his life lessons, key learnings, and best advice as a world-class athlete and coach. Dr. Hatfield is renowned as a strength scientist and elite athlete, where he competed as a powerlifter. He's also got a long list of athletic accomplishments, including Olympic Weightlifting, Bodybuilding, and Gymnastics.
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01 Apr RT 113 | Josh Henkin – The Ultimate Sandbag Training Experience

Josh Henkin, Creator of Dynamic Variable Resistance Training (DVRT) and the Ultimate Sandbag joins me for a great interview this week on the podcast. This is a fast paced interview that's "loaded" with great content about a unique strength and conditioning method - DVRT, also known as "sandbag training" (but you'll learn why we should't necessarily call it that). If you have't experienced DVRT, this will be a valuable learning session to get started with the training system. As Josh mentions in the interview, always know "why" you do what you do.
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