13 Nov Insights Into Human Movement – The Truth About Why We Need To Move Well

I recently attended an outstanding seminar and certification. It was a 4-day course on Human Movement. Here's an important statement on why we need to focus on the qualities of human movement.

"Movement doesn't matter too much, until you can't."

Back to my seminar experience, 4 long days looking at the importance of functional human movement. My brain was overloaded and and it was one of the better courses I've ever attended. Human movement, the way we move, provides extensive information about appraising our level of health and fitness. Yes, indeed, if we don't move well, on a fundamental basis, how can we be expected to function or perform well? If we don't move well, generally we don't function well and we don't perform well.
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11 Nov Why I Prefer The Garage Gym Over Training At A Commercial Gym

There are several advantages of training at home versus going to the gym. As a person who used to spend years in a commercial gym setting, I've discovered there are many more great reasons to set-up the home gym. In most cases, the garage gym is a great option and actually beats the gym with several key advantages. Many years ago, you could have never sold me on the idea that working out at home could be a better option compared to going to a gym. Well, times have changed. In the last decade, I've found that it's actually superior to the commercial gym in many ways.
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