11 Aug (VIDEO) How To Do The Turkish Get Up (Unweighted)

Here's a short demo of the Turkish Get Up, with no weight. [vc_video link=''] The most important thing to to remember about the get up, as it's demonstrated here, is to learn the movement in a slow, controlled, safe technique before adding a weight to the movement. Once the...

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05 Aug (VIDEO) Kettlebell Workout: The ‘Power 5’ Kettlebell Complex Here's a simple, single kettlebell complex for total body strength and conditioning. It's a wicked, but simple complex that includes 5 of the fundamental kettlebell exercises: swings snatches cleans front squats presses Move through each exercise, without rest, with an appropriate sized kettlebell for your skill level. The goal would be to complete...

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04 Aug The Great Kettlebell Hoax?

Are kettlebells just some fitness fad? Or are they a premier strength and conditioning tool that will continue to evolve, expand, and spread to the masses? Here's my thoughts on this. This fitness industry is funny. There are fitness fads that come and go all the time. Fads are what...

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