01 Mar How To Do The Turkish Get Up (No Weight)

(Make sure to click on the post headline above to see the video! Thanks) In this video, you will see how to perform a "naked" or unweighted Turkish Get Up.  This exercise and the kettlebell swing are two of the most powerful and effective total body...

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25 Feb Are You Making This Huge Exercise Mistake?

If you're not getting the progress you want, you might be making a common exercise mistake. Unfortunately, this mistake will limit your results, no matter how hard you train. I'll tell you what this mistake is and how you can easily fix it. The big mistake I've made...

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20 Feb SB 006 | Ashleigh Gass: Topics in Nutrition

.... To become a subscriber to the podcast, Subscribe here. SHOW NOTES: You can find out more about Ashleigh Gass at her site,  One of the very best nutrition systems available is Precision Nutrition by Dr. John Berardi. You can find the system at  You can also find the outstanding book, Gourmet Nutrition,...

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07 Feb SB 005 | The Kettlebell Swing

The kettllebell swing is the topic of the 5th episode. In this episode, I tell you why the kettlebell swing is possibly the best total body strengthening and conditioning exercise there is, period. I'll also tell you why it's important that you learn to do it correctly...

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