03 Apr Book Review | Primal Blueprint

I’m starting something new here that I’ve been wanting to do for while.  I’m going to start reviewing some of the best books I’ve read and sharing them here on StealthBody.com.

I wanted to start with a great book that actually changed my life. My nutrition life, that is.  The book is “Primal Blueprint” by Mark Sisson.  You can find Mark and his awesome website a MarksDailyApple.com.  I believe I’ve mentioned the book or his site on one of the previous episodes of my Podcast.

Anyway, the book is broken down into 9 detailed chapters.  I like this book for many reasons and agree with most of it, but there are a few things I don’t (and that’s the thing about nutrition, there’s always controversy, right?)  But, the whole philosophy of the book is based on 10 Primal Blueprint Laws, which are:

  1. Eat Lots of Plants & Animals.
  2. Avoid Poisonous Things.
  3. Move Frequently at a Slow Pace.
  4. Lift Heavy Things. (Yes!)
  5. Sprint Once in a While.
  6. Get Adequate Sleep.
  7. Play.
  8. Get Adequate Sunlight.
  9. Avoid Stupid Mistakes.
  10. Use Your Brain.

Now, the titles of these laws are pretty self explanatory, correct?  They make sense. Here’s why this book was another “game changer” for me.  This book has a great explanation of carbohydrates and their relation to body fat.  A ton of information on insulin and the role of body fat and the relation to disease.  According to this book, it’s all about insulin, and it is, to some extent.  What I like is how the author provides many studies and rationale comparing “conventional wisdom” versus what the studies actually show.  I really enjoyed the detailed description on the role in insulin and how to manage this extremely powerful hormone.  Also, great explanation of cholesterol function, disease pathology, and many other cool ‘scientific’ and physiology topics.

If your goals are weight loss/fat loss, living fit, lean, healthy, and with high energy, this is a ground-breaking book.  So, with that said, it’s for just about everybody!  I made dietary modifications (carbohydrate reduction) based on this material and my energy has been soaring since and body fat is at it’s lowest levels in years.

What I really like about the book is the beginning chapters where Mark really gets into the science and breaks things down into a way that is totally understandable for everyone (I have a scientific background, but I am always thinking “will this make sense to someone not having a strong clinical background.”)  The chapter topics on insulin are quite remarkable.  The science and explanations are fantastic.  I’ve recommended this book to so many people because it’s a book that has benefited me greatly and I feel will benefit most people, with the continued rise in overweight and obesity stats.  Is this the best Paleo nutrition book out there?  It’s certainly one of them.

With all of the health, fitness, diet, and nutrition books on the shelves these days, it’s challenging to stand out, but this one is definitely one of the better ones out there.  It’s a book about lifestyle, not just a diet book.  That’s another reason this is so powerful. You can take this book in small chunks and let the content absorb in your brain a bit.  I always say, if you can take one good thing from a book and use it, it was worth your time.  In this book, you’ll be able to take more than a few things and use, so that’s reason enough to take the time to read it.

Overall, this is definitely a great read you’ll want to read, implement, and keep on your bookshelf.  It makes a lot of sense, and it works!  I highly recommend this book if want to lose weight, feel better, prevent disease, and improve your health.

Look for more book reviews like this coming in the future!

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