15 Jun Boost Your Health With the Benefits of Coconut Milk

Coconut MilkMy new favorite healthy beverage may be coconut milk.  I recently decided to give this healthy drink a taste and WOW, was it fantastic!  I always like to experiment and try out different things (tweak the nutrition plan, so to speak), so I figured I would give this is drink a taste, based on some recent research I came across.

Beyond the great taste, coconut milk offers may great healthy benefits and is significantly different from traditional dairy milk.  It’s also quite easy to get these days, I purchased mine in the local super market, where the milk is located.  You can also find it in whole foods grocery stores.

Coconut milk has actually been called a “miracle drink” for it’s potential benefits on the immune system.  It’s also a great option for people that are lactose intolerant, since it does not belong to the dairy family.  And speaking of lactose intolerance, estimates of lactose intolerance for a typical American is anywhere from 6-22% and significantly higher in other populations, so this is definitely a great option.

The sugar content is low (half that of traditional dairy milk) and there has been some research supporting coconut milk to lower overall blood sugar levels, as well as, lower blood pressure.

Coconut milk is rich is Vitamins A, E, and electrolytes, all of which will help keep you strong and boost your health. It also contains high amounts of calcium, surprisingly much more than dairy milk!

Here’s the nutrition facts for 8 ounces of coconut milk I found:

  • Calories: 80
  • Total Fat: 5gm, Saturated Fat: 5 gm (see below)
  • Total Carbs: 7 gm
  • Total Sugar: 6 gm
  • Protein: 1 gm

The interpretation of this is that it’s low calorie, nutrient dense, lower carb, and contains healthy fats. And speaking of fats, coconut’s are also one of the best sources of short chain and medium chain fatty acids (MCFA’s).  Research has shown in humans and in animals that these fats are more easily burned as energy, rather than stored as fat, compared to other types of fats. (St. Onge M, Jones, PH J Nutr 2002: 132: 329-332). This type of fat also helps satiety to a greater extent, again compared to other fat types.

All these great health benefits and a superb taste make coconut milk a great tasting, super healthy choice to drink.  Who knew all the benefits of this dairy milk alternative? Coconut milk is a great way to give your health and immune system a boost, so check it out and enjoy.

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