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23 Jul Carl Paoli On FreeStyle Movement

(#76) Carl Paoli is this week’s guest and he’s the author of an amazing new book titled “Free+Style: Maximize Sport & Life Performance with Four Basic Movements.”

Carl is a former elite gymnast and has incredible experience in movement and performance based training.

He’s also the creator of and he’s an innovative strength and conditioning coach, as you’ll discover in this interview session.

I was extremely excited and honored to chat with Carl as his new book Free+Style was just released.

While there are many great books I recommend, I have to say this book is truly unique and a “game changer” in human performance for all fitness enthusiasts, coaches, trainers, and athletes.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in this week’s show:

  • Hear how Carl got his start in gymnastics and how it molded him as a coach
  • What he learned from a major injury and how that changed his coaching philosophy
  • Why observation is so critical in coaching skills
  • Why he initially didn’t like the CrossFit style of training
  • The one big thing he learned from Kelly Starrett that changed his life
  • What is the “FreeStyle” approach to training
  • Hear the story of his new book FreeStyle and how the book evolved and came about
  • Learn from Carl the best way to use the book to get the most from the FreeStyle approach
  • Hear about the 4 major movements covered in the book and why they are fundamental
  • Learn why the 4 movements are so beneficial and how they translate into sport and life
  • The truth and meaning of the burpee – is it really technical?
  • Carl will walk us through one of the chapters in the book – understand the depth of content
  • The big takeaway he hopes we all learn from the book
  • How to use FreeStyle in a traditional strength program (ex. a 5×5 approach)
  • How to program the FreeStyle movements
  • Hear about other topics in the book – assistance work, feats of strength, and basic gymnastics
  • The ONE BIG ACTION Carl has for us after listening to this interview…

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