25 Mar Kettlebells Aren’t Optional

When I started training with kettlebells back in 2009 at a workshop with Andre DuCane, I literally had no idea how valuable and important this training tool would be. You see, for me kettlebells aren't optional training tools, they're essential. No matter what I do, what other tools I use, or what my training goals are - kettlebells will always have a role in my approach. Here’s why.
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06 Jul Kettlebell Training For Lacrosse (The Ultimate Guide)

In my experience as a strength coach, kettlebells are the most underutilized strength and conditioning tool for lacrosse athletes. This is because most lacrosse athletes (and field athletes in general) do not understand how these simple training tools can help them translate to better field performance. This is a sad fact. The appropriate and correct applications of kettlebell training will not only help athletes improve performance but also greatly contribute to reducing risk for injuries, yet few athletes use these highly accessible tools. Why is that? I have many thoughts, but the bottom line is this article will shed some serious light on the topic. By using kettlebells, most athletes could improve speed and power measurements in just 6-8 weeks by following a well designed kettlebell program. That's not to mention the improvement of other intangibles - such as broad-movement skills, breathing efficiency, and overall durability to reduce injuries. I know these might appear to be bold statements but I have first hand experience in seeing these benefits through the years. My goal is to make what you're reading right now the most comprehensive article available on the internet on the topic of kettlebell training for lacrosse athletes. You won't find much on this topic, until now. If you're a lacrosse athlete, parent, coach or anyone who works with lacrosse athletes, you can't afford to miss out on this information, especially if you want to stay ahead in today's game.
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10 Jul The 3 Essential Kettlebell Workouts

Here is what I would consider to be 3 essential kettlebell workouts First, I much prefer the term “training session” when referring to a workout, so I’ll use that moving forward.  But, the word “workout” seems to resonate with people, I understand. These are simple, valuable and effective kettlebell training sessions that virtually anyone can do (provided they have the requisite skills). These sessions are also not too much volume
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23 May Why Train With Kettlebells?

I’ve had some interesting conversations with friends and athletes recently about the importance of strength training. The conversations have basically been like this.

Hey Scott, I want to work on strength, what do I need to do? Tell me what really works?”

For example, I was just talking with my friend Adam. Adam is a Jujitsu athlete and he was looking for a strength solution to compliment his jujitsu training. He wanted to address the “strength gap” that he said he wasn’t getting with his current training and was feeling a little lost about what to do. I couldn’t help but think... No matter who you are or what your goals are, strength will make you better. Of course, there are many variables and factors that will depend on the type and level of strength you need. We’ll have to turf that conversation for later though. While most people are beginning to understand the importance of strength in optimizing health and maximizing performance, there are still many who haven’t quite figured out or discovered the importance of foundational strength or what that means. What is foundational strength?
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09 Dec How To Be Stronger And More Durable In Just 7 Days

Here’s a bold statement.

I know a simple, deceptive training plan that can get you stronger in just 7 days.

I know what you’re probably thinking.

Yeah right.

I can sense the skepticism and doubt because that's exactly what I'd be thinking, too.

Here's what I can tell you.

The approach I'll share with you right now will hold true for the majority of people who read this.

Not everybody, but most.

So, let me explain to you how you can very likely be stronger in just 7 days.

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30 Jun How To Use Double Kettlebells For Size And Strength

Kettlebell training could be considered revolutionary. I say this because it's such a simple training tool that offers so many training benefits for the vast majority. After strength training for many years now, I definitely feel I have a sense for what works and what doesn't. My hope is that more people will discover how to use kettlebells to accomplish the things they want. Things like size and strength, for example. People often ask, can you really get bigger and stronger using kettlebells? My answer is "of course you can," when you learn how to use them properly (technique) and learn what to do with them (methods and programming). It's important to remember that you can use kettlebells for many different goals.
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18 May 5 Ways To Improve Your Kettlebell Snatch

I remember a few years ago when I discovered the kettlebell snatch. That was around the time I had decided I was going to train to become an RKC certified kettlebell instructor. So, looking over the requirements for certification, one of the requirements was to perform 100 kettebell snatches with a 24kg (53lb) kettlebell in 5 minutes or less. When I made my 1st attempt at this, it wasn't pretty and I definitely had my work cut for me to get to that level of strength and conditioning. After a lot of practice rounds, technique work, and relentless conditioning, I finally made the 'snatch test' a staple in my conditioning training. Even today, the snatch test is never easy, but it is always achievable and an insanely effective 5 minute "all-out" conditioning experience.
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