28 Jun Phil Sabatini – How To Experience The Greatness Of Weightlifting

(#215) Phil Sabatini, head coach of The Barbell Syndicate and Olympic Weightlifting National Champion, joins the show this week to discuss his approach and key learnings as an athlete and coach. Phil shared a variety of great tips and insights about his Weightlifting experiences with many actionable takeaways. You'll learn about the "greatness" of Weightlifting as experienced through Phil in this week's content-rich session. Here's what you'll hear about this week:
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21 Jun Dr. Kathy Dooley – Anatomy Rules, The Immaculate Dissection

(#214) Dr. Kathy Dooley joins the show this week to discuss a critically important topic in human performance - the understanding of functional anatomy.  

Dr. Dooley is a chiropractor and an anatomy instructor at two New York City medical schools, Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Weill Cornell Medical College.

She is also an adjunct professor at New York University’s College of Dentistry. She is a visiting professor for Saint George’s University Medical School and she assistants in the gross anatomy lab at New York College of Podiatric Medicine.

She is also a lead instructor for two seminar series, including The Immaculate Dissection that we discuss in the interview.

You'll lean why everything starts with anatomy and learn about a unique and effective learning tool for clinicians, coaches and those interested in better understanding how to apply functional anatomy.

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14 Jun PJ Nestler – Principles Of Training Today’s Athlete

(#213) Coach PJ Nestler joins the show this week to discuss an assortment of fantastic training topics and share his unique experiences as a performance coach. PJ is a performance specialist who continues to evolve his approach with "in-the-trenches" experience. This session is packed with many excellent pearls and lessons that PJ has learned through his accelerated coaching career where PJ has been fortunate to accumulate many great experiences working with top level athletes from the NFL, NHL, UFC and more. Here's what you'll hear about this week:
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07 Jun Brett Bartholomew – Conscious Coaching, The Art And Science Of Building Buy-In

(#212) Top Strength Coach and Author, Brett Bartholomew, joins the podcast this week for an amazing interview discussing his breakthrough book - Conscious Coaching: The Art And Science of Building Buy-In. His new book is gathering "rave reviews" and generating significant attention for coaches, trainers and teachers of all backgrounds. I'm incredibly excited to share this great chat session and asking questions that haven't been asked before. Brett is an amazing coach and a highly recognized peak performance training expert. This session is pure content as we move "fast and furious" through the questions. Here's what we cover this week on the show:
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31 May Fabio Zonin And Paolo Evangelista – The Biomechanics Of Powerlifting

(#211) In a very unique English-Italian interview, Fabio Zonin and Paolo Evangelista, join me this week to discuss what's been called "the best biomechanics book for powerlifters ever written." "DCSS, Powerlifting for Power Lifters" is a cutting-edge biomechanics and strength training book written by engineer and Italian strength athlete, Paolo Evangelista. This interview is unlike anything else we've ever done on the show, as the episode is in both English and Italian. Fabio (StrongFirst Master Instructortranslates for Paolo to discuss his brilliant work and ideas on the biomechanics of strength training. Here's what you'll learn about this week:
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24 May The New Chapter In Strength Training

(#210) In this session, I'll give you an important update about the NEW vision and mission here on Rdella Training - and tell you a little about what to expect in the week's ahead on the podcast. This is an important episode to learn about the new focus and core philosophy. As always, you'll still get valuable tips and resources to consider in your training right now. Here's what I cover this week:
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03 May Strength (Book) Club – 3 Must Read Strength And Performance Books

(#208) Welcome to "strength club." In this week's show, I take time out to review 3 recent strength and performance books I've read that can truly make a difference. As you may know, I am a voracious reader and I wanted to take this episode to share my own perspective and key learnings from 3 amazing strength training books. I'll also share specific ideas on how you can become a learning machine and give you my own key takeaways from 3 important books. I'll tell you why these are important additions to your education and development. Please let me know what you think about this episode and post your comments or feedback below as I consider how (and if) I'll do future shows like this.
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