04 Jun Wil Fleming – How To Develop Explosive Athletes

(#69) This week's episode features an awesome interview with Wil Fleming. Wil is a sports performance coach and co-owner of Force Fitness and Performance in Bloomington, Indiana. This is a valuable, rapid fire interview discussing how to improve athletic performance with Olympic weightlifting. Here's some of what you'll learn in this week's show:
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28 May My 7 Biggest Training Mistakes and Failures

(#68) In this week's episode, I openly share my own training mistakes and failures. These 7 things are the top reasons I failed to make progress for many years in my own training. Learn from my mistakes. Listen all the way through this important episode and learn how to accelerate your progress and avoid the pitfalls of exercise and nutrition.
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Art of Mental Training

21 May Dan Gonzalez, The Art of Mental Training

(#67) Peak Performance coach and expert Dan Gonzalez joins me for this week's podcast episode to discuss the mindset in peak performance. Dan is the author of a best selling book called "The Art of Mental Training." In the book, Dan explains and teaches the important psychological skills required for peak performance and mental toughness. I'm honored to get Dan on the show to discuss his unique experiences in peak performance training where he has worked with top athletes, executives, pro-fighters, and many other professionals since 1988.
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Joe DeSena

14 May Joe DeSena, Founder of Spartan Race

(#66) Joe DeSena, the founder of Spartan Race, is the week's podcast guest. In this week's show, we take on the topics of mental strength and ultimate conditioning. You'll also hear about Joe's new book, Spartan Up. It was great to speak to Joe and hear about how he created Spartan Race and how this has grown into such a global brand. Joe's been an entrepreneur since the age of 8 and he has an impressive background in business and as an endurance athlete, which you'll hear about in this great interview. This is a "rapid fire" and content rich interview session.
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Jason Seib, The Paleo Coach

07 May Jason Seib, The Paleo Coach

(#65) Jason Seib, author of Paleo Coach, is this week's podcast guest. He's a fellow podcaster as he co-hosts The Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness Podcast with Sarah Fragoso. Jason has a "no nonsense" approach to strength training and nutrition, as you'll hear about in this week's show. He's an extremely passionate guy and he's got a ton great insight to share with us in this episode.
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30 Apr Dr. Jim Afremow, Author of The Champion’s Mind

(#64) Dr. Jim Afremow is a leading sports psychologist and author of a great new book titled, The Champion's Mind, How Great Athletes Think, Train, and Thrive. In this week's podcast session, I spoke to Dr. Afremow to discuss his concepts on developing a championship mindset for peak performance. Here's some of what you'll learn in this episode:
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23 Apr What Is Functional Hypertrophy?

(#63) What is Functional Hypertrophy and why do we need it? In this week's show, I'll give you a basic introduction to this topic and explain what it is, why we need it, and how to train for it. I believe this is a really important training concept to understand and benefit from. It's important for athletes and non-athlets and I'll share with you how to use it to help maximize your physical performance and potential.
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16 Apr Kettlebells Vs. Treadmill: The Latest Research

(#62) Kettlebell training versus graded treadmill exercise, which is more effective? There's a brand new published study that answers this question. In this week's episode I'll break down the new data and explain the practical applications. What does this really tell us? What can we learn from it? And, where did the study fall short?
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