05 Feb Jeff Connors: Author of “Strength Coach”

(#52) In this week's podcast, you'll hear and learn from strength coach, Jeff Connors. Jeff Connors is the author of a great new book titled, "Strength Coach, A Call to Serve" which is part memoir and part strength training manual. This is an outstanding book that I've recommended and he was very gracious to come on the show and share his decades of experiences as college strength coach. This is another powerful and insightful interview on the podcast by someone who is a master at their craft, so be sure to listen all the way through. Here's some of what you'll learn in this week's episode:
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29 Jan Diane Fu of FuBarbell.com

(#51) Diane Fu is a strength coach, Olympic weightlifter, and the creator of FuBarbell. In this weeks's episode, she joins me on the podcast to share her knowledge in Olympic weightlifting and she provides amazing content. This information is extremely helpful if you haven't gotten started yet or if you want to take your training to that next level. Here's what you'll learn about in this great interview:
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22 Jan Dan John: Body of Work

(#50) This is a very special session and a milestone celebrating 50 episodes of the Podcast. I'm honored to bring you the return of Dan John to discuss a wide range of topics in strength and conditioning. We discuss Dan's extensive "body of work" in the world of strength training and athletic performance. Dan discusses many of his training philosophies, experiences, insights, and brilliance that has made Dan legendary in the strength and conditioning community. This episode is a great one as Dan is one of the most respected and authentic strength coaches in the entire industry. You will learn a lot and hear unique perspective that ONLY Dan can share. Check out what you'll hear about in this great episode:
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15 Jan 5 Ways to Take Your Training to the Next Level

... If you enjoy this episode, please support the show and drop a quick review in iTunes or Stitcher. Click here to review and subscribe in iTunes. And, click here to review and subscribe in Stitcher. SHOW NOTES: To check out the "strength standards" I mentioned on this week's show, click here. And, for a list of...

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01 Jan Review: The Top Fitness Trends This Year

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25 Dec Jason Ferruggia: The “Raw” Truth About Strength and Conditioning

(#46) Here's an interview you've got to hear with Strength Coach, Author, and Entrepreneur, Jason Ferruggia. Jason is a renowned strength coach since 1994 and creator of Renegade Strength and Conditioning. This is an honest, informative, and valuable interview session that you'll be able to use and apply immediately. Here's what you will learn in this amazing interview with Jason:
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