17 Jul The Latest Insights in Sports Nutrition

(#13) In this podcast episode, I review the highlights from this year's International Society of Sports Nutrition's Annual Conference. This meeting presented the very latest in cutting edge sports nutrition from the top thought leaders in the industry.  You'll learn about the latest clinical and practical applications to help you improve  your body composition and enhance your training performance. Here's some of what you'll learn in this episode:
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11 Jun Dr. Jose Antonio – Expert Sports Nutrition & Supplements

(#12) The topic of this episode is sports nutrition supplements with Dr. Jose Antonio. Dr. Antonio is the CEO and Co-Founder of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, which is the premier organization in the field of sports nutrition and supplementation. He is a PhD Nutritionist and internationally recognized expert in the field of sports nutrition and has authored/edited many great books and publications in this area. In the episode, you'll learn about:
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17 May Geoff Neupert: How To Get Six Pack Abs, Fat Loss, & Kettlebells (Part I)

(#10) In this episode, you'll hear Part I of a phenomenal interview I had with Master RKC, Geoff Neupert. Geoff is an internationally recognized strength and conditioning expert and author of the great book "Kettlebell Muscle" and also of the new kindle ebook, "Six Pack Abs 365." Geoff is a really awesome guy and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in many different areas. In Part I of this interview series, you'll hear about:
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25 Apr Tracy Reifkind Shares Her Ultimate Kettlebell Transformation

(#9) Here's the interview you've got to hear. Find out how this show's guest lost over 100 pounds by focusing on just one powerful exercise, the kettlebell swing. Get ready for one of the most successful kettlebell body transformations you've ever heard.  She was featured in "The Four Hour Body," The NY Times Bestseller by Tim Ferriss. She's the author of the great, new book, "The Swing."  Get ready for Tracy Reifkind and her amazing story and expertise in the area of body and life transformation. You'll learn why the kettlebell swing is one of the most powerful total body exercises on the planet.  And, you'll learn what is completely different about the swing compared to all the other exercises out there.
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18 Apr Denley Fowlke of Sun Warrior Nutrition

(#8) This episode features an in depth interview with SunWarrior.com Co-Founder, Denley Fowlke. If you aren't familiar with Sun Warrior, this is a unique nutritional supplement company that has a high quality product line of raw, organic, plant-based supplements. In this episode, Denley shares his personal circumstances that ultimately led to the development of the Sun Warrior products. You'll also get an education in the key products (Protein Powders, Super Greens, Immune Shield, etc) of the company and all the unique benefits.  I wanted to provide this interview because these are such exceptional, high quality products that can help you build muscle, improve your health, and increase your energy and performance...all key features of the Stealth Body Lifestyle.
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02 Apr The 7 Most Important Kettlebell Exercises

(#7) In this episode, I'll share with you what I consider to be the 7 most important kettlebell exercises. You'll learn what the most important kettebell exercises are - and why. Also, I have some exciting news about what's coming up on the podcast, so make sure you listen through to the end. You won't want to miss this episode - it's that important.
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