07 Feb The Kettlebell Swing Episode

(#5) The kettllebell swing is the topic of the 5th episode. In this episode, I tell you why the kettlebell swing is possibly the best total body strengthening and conditioning exercise there is, period. I'll also tell you why it's important that you learn to do it correctly and how to avoid common mistakes when learning this powerful exercise. Everything you need to know about the kettlebell swing is in this episode.
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11 Jan What Are The Best Total Body Exercises?

(#4) In the fourth episode of the Stealth Body Podcast I'll tell you what the 8 Best Total Body Exercises are and why to consider them in your own program. These are the 8 most powerful full body exercises for total body strengthening and conditioning that can make a massive difference in your training and fitness results. You'll hear why I think they are so powerful and effective for fitness and performance training. Hint: It's all about the fundamentals!
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29 Dec What Are The 5 Most Important Supplements?

(#3) The 5 Most Important Supplements.  That's the topic in the new episode of the Stealth Body Podcast. In this episode, I answer the common question about what are the most important nutritional supplements to take.  You'll learn what the 5 most important supplements are for improving your health and why I think they are each critically important.
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