26 Feb Ben Pakulski – The Mind-Muscle Connection

(#239) Ben Pakulski is the featured guest this week and he shares great perspective on his unconventional approach to muscle building. This is actually a deep conversation covering a lot more than just muscle building. Ben is a IFBB professional bodybuilder (now retired) who helps people take an intelligent approach to muscle building and beyond. We had a great conversation that covered the mind-muscle connection to maximize training results. Here's what you'll hear about this week:
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12 Feb The Philly Special (Life Lessons From Championship Football)

(#237) This week, I'll bring you something very different, something I've never done before. Motivational? Inspirational? Maybe. Many life lessons can be learned from sports. I believe that. It's hard to explain why this podcast is so important, so please take a listen to understand what I mean and hear about the 5 life lessons I share. [jbox color="grey" radius ="2"]Photo attribution at the top of this post goes to Keith Allison. The photo comes from Flickr from an Eagles football game on 9/10/17. To find more about this photo, check out Flickr here. This photo has been modified from it's original version with text and graphics to support this post.[/jbox]
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05 Feb Kettlebell Science Meets Sports Nutrition

(#236) In this week's episode, I'll discuss one of BEST fitness and performance conferences you should consider attending this year. Kettlebell science and sports nutrition - what do they have in common? I'll tell you in the episode. I'm very excited to share some "breaking news" with you this week about a great conference that's coming later this year. As always, I have ideas and actionable takeaways for you to think about in the year ahead. Plus, I'll tell you about some important changes to the podcast.
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18 Jan How Common Are Injuries In Strength Training?

(#235) How common are strength training related injuries? Specifically, how common are injuries in strength sports such as powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, and bodybuilding as compared to other sports? We'll take a look at the surprising body of scientific research and the rate of injury in strength training. We'll discuss the bottom line of the research findings and discuss ways to further minimize the risk for injury.
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11 Jan Dr. Mitch Babcock – A New Model For Physical Therapy And Strength Training

(#234) Dr. Mitch Babcock joins the podcast this week for a great conversation about how he combines his background as a strength athlete, physical therapist and strength coach in an innovative approach to maximizing performance and minimizing risk for injury.

You could say that his approach is considered a NEW model for today's clinician.

Mitch has a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. He's a coach, athlete and a "teacher of movement." His clinic is FitnessTx and he explains how he successfully operates and excels as a solo practitioner. 

Here's what you'll learn about this week:

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30 Dec The 5 Best Fitness Books Of The Year (2017 Edition)

(#233) Here’s my 6th annual post that I do each year as I reflect back on the best “fitness” books I’ve read during the last 12 months.

My criteria for this year's list is as follows:
  • Books that were released sometime during 2017
  • Books I have in my own personal library
  • Books I have read (or have read enough of to make an impact)
  • Books that have important ideas or concepts to put into practice
Now, my definition of fitness books is pretty unconventional compared to most and my list has evolved quite a bit since the first one back in 2012.

Once again, this is my 6th annual “best of” list.

As usual, coming up with only 5 books was extremely challenging.

As in previous years, I’ll have a few others that are “honorable mentions” and I’ll explain them below.

Here's my video review summarizing all of these great books:
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20 Dec Jerzy Gregorek – A World-Class Approach To Being Happy, Healthy, And Strong

(#232) Jerzy Gregorek is this week's amazing guest. Let me tell you, this is an episode you don't want to miss. Jerzy is the creator of the Happy Body program. He’s an author, poet, weightlifter and I am extremely excited and honored to have Jerzy join the podcast to share his inspirational approach to health, happiness, and lifting. Jerzy Gregorek is a 63-year-old Olympic Weightlifter and has been called "The Lion Of Weightlifting." He is a former world champion and has been training for 5 decades.

He was featured on the Tim Ferriss podcast and is also in Tim's new book - Tribe of Mentors. This session is not only lots of fun, but it's packed with great lessons and stories.

Here's what you'll hear about this week on the show:
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