14 Jan Chad Waterbury Discusses High Frequency Training

(#102) Chad Waterbury is this week’s podcast guest.

Chad is a highly respected fitness writer, author, and coach who’s known for his unique approaches to strength training, muscle building, and performance.

He’s worked with professional athletes, celebrities, and non-athletes producing outstanding results with his innovative training.

Chad has written for many fitness publications, authored books, and has given presentations for major fitness organizations.

Currently, he’s pursuing his DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy) degree at the the University of Southern California and his background and training is in the area of neurophysiology.

Here’s what you’ll learn about this week:

  • Hear about his 1st semester of Physical Therapy Graduate school at USC
  • How being a physical therapist will change his approach
  • How his background as a neurophysiologist impacts his training
  • What he says is the big problem with “coaching cues”
  • Intrinsic vs. extrinsic cues – which is better?
  • What training tools are his favorites
  • What he likes about kettlebells
  • The big benefit of the Turkish Get Up
  • The story about how he met Pavel Tsatsouline
  • The big things he’s learned from Pavel through the years
  • Who have been his biggest influences in his career
  • What is DNS and how Chad has had success with it
  • How to avoid overly stressing the joints and nervous system with training
  • A key training question you need to ask yourself
  • What exactly is “heavy?”
  • What really burns out our nervous system
  • Learn all about “High Frequency Training” (HFT)
  • Goals and outcomes of his HFT2 program
  • The most important variable for hypertrophy
  • How HFT2 fits into any training program and why it’s his best program to date
  • His great advice after hearing this interview
  • What Chad says is the #1 factor in life

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Things from this week’s episode:

  • To find out more about Chad, go to ChadWaterbury.com
  • To learn more about Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS), click here
  • To find out more about Chad’s HFT2 program, go to HFTMuscle.com and be sure to use code – SALE15 

To check out my preferred kettlebell brand, go to RdellaTraining.com/kettlebell

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