19 Aug Chip Conrad – No Holds Barred

(#134) Chip Conrad is this week’s featured guest. It’s a session you have to hear because there are so many great take-aways.

Chip is a strength coach, movement expert, athlete, speaker, and writer.

He’s the founder of BodyTribe.com.

One of his projects is the great DVD he created with Dan John titled “How to Create The Holistic Athlete.”

This is a raw, honest interview loaded with content.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this week’s show:

  • What is his driving force in his training
  • How Chip got started in the fitness industry
  • The MOST important question we need to ask ourselves
  • How his training has changed since the beginning
  • The 3 simple things he trains for
  • His philosophy of training – the 3 skills
  • How he attracts the right clients
  • His biggest frustration in the industry (and he would change)
  • How he defines quality movement
  • His simple definition of strength
  • The “mentality” of training as we age
  • Why movement and exercise are NOT the same
  • The biggest mistake most people make in training
  • What is the “holistic athlete?”
  • The people he looks up to the most in the industry
  • The most important thing he leaned from Mel Siff
  • What he’s doing right now in his training
  • His big training lesson (in the last year)
  • Metaphysical goal setting and benchmarks – what are they?
  • Defining the “mind-body” connection
  • Insights on mental training techniques
  • Where goal setting starts (this is critical)
  • His daily success habits
  • If he could train with anyone – who would it be?
  • And, great closing advice…

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