03 Dec Confessions of a Kettlebell Addict…

Ok, I admit it.  I’m addicted to Kettlebells.

It all started for me just a few years ago when I heard the word “Kettlebell”.  Honestly, I actually had no idea what a kettlebell was, but not too long after that I ended up buying one to “try it out”.  I purchased a book about how to train with kettlebells before I bought “the bell” and that’s what really peaked my interest even more.  I vaguely remember the 1st time I trained with that kettlebell, but I do remember being hooked immediately and realizing that THIS was something different.  THIS was something amazing!

I trained for many months on my own before I ended up seeing that there was a full day workshop being done by one of the top kettlebell experts in the world.  This workshop was being done locally, so how could I not go learn a little something to enhance my training even more.  That workshop may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back and truly enlightened me to a whole new world of elite fitness training and performance.

Why?  Because after spending so much time training on my own, I realized that some of my techniques were flawed and that kettlebell training is a skill.  A skill that requires many reps and hours of practice to become a master.  A level of training that requires precision, attention to detail, and a higher level of neuromuscular learning. What’s the benefit to this, if it’s so challenging?  The fitness results are unparalleled, quite frankly. And anyone can be good at training with kettlebells, provided they commit to it and get the proper instruction which will allow you to perform the exercises in the most safe and effective ways possible.

Kettlebells were game changing for me because of the effectiveness, simplicity, and pure skill for this type of training. While I do have an extensive weight training background, this type of training blew my mind.  And got me BACK in the BEST shape of my life, even better than when I competed in bodybuilding for 6 years.  I’m fitter, more healthy, stronger, more conditioned, and have been totally invigorated with my own training again.  And I don’t see things ever changing again because of the challenge and reward of training with kettlebells.

Now, after many more higher level workshops and certifications since that 1st workshop, I’m still on a great journey and always will be.  That’s because the training is so dynamic and you NEVER stop learning or improving on your own skills, which I think is truly amazing.  Like I mention earlier, this type of training requires neuromuscular learning, which means your brain and muscles have to “learn” how to move, how to function, and how to figure out how to improve your performance so that it becomes “automatic.”  This type of neuromuscular learning never stops and even some of the top kettlebell experts will tell you they are still “learning” how to perform a “kettlebell swing” (the foundational kettlebell exercise or movement pattern) the right way.  This is even after years and years training and countless reps and hours.

What does all this mean to you?  Well, if you interested in improving your own physical condition and performance, kettlebell training is a journey that provides absolutely outstanding physical and mental results!  This comes from my own personal experience and many others, do a little research on line to find other success stories.  Just google “kettlebell success stories” to see for yourself.

I won’t even begin to list all the benefits of kettlebells.  You can refer back to a recent post I did on that, listing the many ways kettlebell training benefits you.  But, the bottom line is that kettlebells can get you in amazing physical condition and dramatically improve your performance.  It’s no wonder that the training is so addictive then, is it?

In addition to my surprise about how effective this all around fitness tool is, what is even more surprising is how many people STILL do NOT know how effective it is.  I know this because I talk to people everyday that still have never even heard the word “kettlebell” before, just as I had not a few short years ago.  Now as big of a trend as this is in fitness, kettlebell training hasn’t even started to scratch the surface in mass appeal…YET.  I believe it will, as more people discover for themselves, how superior this tool is for achieving fitness and lifestyle goals, as well as plethora of other benefits.

With all the different exercise modalities out there, there really is NOTHING like training with kettlebells, in my humble opinion.  With the sheer effectiveness, again, it’s no wonder I’ve become addicted to kettlebells.

If you’ve have a kettlebell experience, story, or question, then don’t hold back and post a comment!

Well, that’s a wrap for Day 3 of 31 days of fitness, so until tomorrow…..

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