18 Nov Dan John – Before We Go, Training Tips, And How To Be A Great Writer

(#147) Dan John returns for a fantastic interview this week on the podcast.

Dan is one of the most respected and recognized coaches in the fitness industry.

He’s the author of Never Let Go, Intervention, Can You Go, Mass Made Simple, and has co-authored Easy Strength and Fat Loss Happens On Monday.

And, the brand NEW book – Before We Go.

You’ll get brilliant insights about training philosophy, workout strategy, and even great writing tips and ideas this week.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this interview (and I’d take out your notebook for this one)…

  • The story behind the cover of his new book (a powerful story)
  • What he says “lights the fire” in his athletes
  • The influence of Dan’s coach of 40 years – Dick Notmayer
  • The explanation of the new book title – Before We Go
  • How the new book builds form his previous work
  • The problem with compilation books
  • What exactly is the NEW book?
  • The one big thing he hopes readers will take away from the book
  • Goblet squats 101 – the single biggest benefit
  • The 5 Jackasses of Fitness – the story behind the article
  • How Dan really trains – real world training advice
  • The seasons of his training, how this varies his training duration
  • Defining “lots of snatches
  • His favorite workout to prepare for the snatch test
  • How to differentiate between “lungs, guns, and buns”
  • Dan’s keys to successful writing…
  • How to get things done – daily routines and rituals
  • How he writes his books – the accordion method
  • Key insights from his “Art of Coaching”
  • The 3 points you must understand when reading
  • Essential resources for great coaching
  • The inside scoop on his next project
  • What is the stumble drill and why it’s so important
  • The most dangerous thing he does everyday…

*THE ACCORDION METHOD: When you are pretty solid on a topic, try to get it down to three (ideally) or five big points. For each point, take a manila folder and write the point down on the top. Then, as new ideas, articles, “stuff” or whatever comes along, drop it in the folder. Outline the ideas on the folder and expand them into pictures or charts or graphs. Connect the links and let it grow. If you have five minutes to talk, hit the big points. If you have eight hours, pull the accordion apart and pull out the stories, the segues, the side bars, the charts, the standards, and the graphs. To write a book, well…you just did!
~Dan John on Writing

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