06 Oct Danny Sawaya – The Epic Journey To Open A 12,000 Square Foot Strength Gym

(#260) Danny Sawaya joins the show this week to discuss his spectacular journey as a gym owner.

Danny is the Founder and owner of Tucson Strength and Tucson Barbell Club in Tucson, Arizona.

He is a Strong First Team Leader, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and FMS level 2 certified specialist. His athletic background spans from being a competitive powerlifter to competing in marathons and even an Ironman event.

Danny’s insane story of quitting his job to start to gym – with a family, no money, and no clients. Now Danny is getting ready to open up a 12,500 square foot training facility.

Danny shares his epic journey from quitting his trainer job to where he is today in a fantastic interview session where he holds nothing back.

Here’s what you’ll hear about this week:

  • Danny shares a little about his background and how he got his start
  • Why he decided to open a gym and what he wanted to do different
  • The best advice he tells gym owners when getting started
  • What he says he would have done differently
  • How he went from a 1,000 sq. ft. facility to over 12,000
  • How he differentiates from Big Box Gyms and CrossFit
  • Danny’s keys to successful gym ownership
  • He shares the specifics of what he does different from others
  • Do people buy into the concept of strength?
  • The biggest mistake gym owners make
  • Why Danny says his program is not for everyone
  • What he says is the most important part of his gym experience
  • What’s in his “code of conduct”
  • The “dark side” of gym ownership
  • How he handles the “stressors” of being a gym owner
  • Who he looks to for learning and mentorship
  • The one thing he says that makes him successful
  • How he gets better and becomes his best self
  • How the tools of Life Coaching helped him overcome challenges
  • Would Danny recommend opening a gym?
  • What has to happen before answering that question
  • Current trends with local gyms
  • What are the KEY steps to open a gym (step-by-step)
  • Advice grow and scale your business (as a gym owner)
  • Books he recommends
  • Great closing advice for every listener
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Scott Iardella, MPT, CSCS is a strength coach, athlete, and former “physio” who’s mission is to help men and women, regardless of age or background, forge their best, strongest self. Scott is the author of the book, The Edge of Strength.
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