29 Jan Diane Fu of FuBarbell.com

(#51) Diane Fu is a strength coach, Olympic weightlifter, and the creator of FuBarbell.

In this weeks’s episode, she joins me on the podcast to share her knowledge in Olympic weightlifting and she provides amazing content.

This information is extremely helpful if you haven’t gotten started yet or if you want to take your training to that next level.

Here’s what you’ll learn about in this great interview:

  • How Diane discovered her passion for Olympic Weightlifting
  • Why she thinks the barbell lifts are so beneficial and unique
  • Is is possible to achieve a high level of training without specializing?
  • How long does it typically take for an athlete to learn the lifts?
  • When does a beginner transition to intermediate level?
  • Learn about the mission of FuBarbell
  • Find out about a great free resource you can grab right now
  • Who are her mentors?
  • How she got to be a “national level” competitor in a short period of time
  • What all the top coaches have in common
  • Where she thinks the sport of Olympic lifting is headed in the future?
  • What she does different since working with  Klokov, Ilyan, & Polovnikov
  • Technique differences between American and Russian style weighlifting
  • Common beginner training mistakes and fixes
  • Mistakes and challenges with intermediate level lifters
  • How to get started, even if you don’t have a local coach to learn from
  • What Weightlifting books she recommends
  • Learn about FuBarbell’s national seminars
  • And, hear what advice she gives us to take action with after the interview…

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To find out more about Diane Fu, go to FuBarbell.com.

Check out this awesome poster from Diane and Push Press, click here.

Some of Diane’s book recommendations were:

The Weightlifting Encyclopedia and Olympic Weightlifting.

And, here’s one final quote from Diane:

“Go seek out a coach that you’ve been thinking about, but haven’t done that yet.” -On Getting Better.

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