29 Apr Dr. Ed Thomas, Training History and Cutting Edge Concepts

(#117) What an incredible honor to have this is “exclusive” interview with the renowned Dr. Ed Thomas.

I’m extremely excited to have Dr. Thomas share his extensive experiences in this wisdom-filled interview session about physical training.

Dr. Thomas has a distinguished background in physical education with decades of unique experiences.

This is truly an “exclusive” as there are no other podcasts available with Dr. Thomas.

Here’s some of what we covered this week:

  • How he approaches his “training”
  • What his current training focus is today (you’d never guess)
  • Unconventional techniques to improve breathing
  • Who have been his mentors through the decades
  • How he became an “accidental” yoga teacher
  • Why he still considers himself a student after all these years
  • What we can learn from the 1980’s training era
  • Who is the “Father of Fitness”
  • The 3 ways we measure fitness
  • Why “testing and measurement” is the future
  • Lots of great book recommendations
  • Learn about the historical perspective of physical training
  • The 3 types of physical training
  • What is “restorative exercise”
  • What makes training “medical” – a simple answer
  • Consequences of poor sitting postures
  • Why Indian Clubs is about the journey
  • What you really want with Indian Clubs (IC)
  • The 3 elements of Club Swinging
  • Benefits you have heard about with IC
  • Why speed matters
  • What is “training” and why he’s never “worked out”
  • Learn about his upcoming workshop
  • His latest “unconventional” movement training approaches
  • The 3 reasons why we get up and train everyday
  • And, much more wisdom and insight…

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  • Jason
    Posted at 16:19h, 04 May Reply

    Hi Scott,
    Great interview mate, did you have a list of the books the Dr.Thomas mentioned?
    All the best

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