08 Nov Dr. Fergus Connolly – The Art Of Sports Science

(#226) Dr. Fergus Connolly, author of the revolutionary book Game Changer, joins the podcast this week for an incredible chat session.

If you haven’t heard about the book Game Changer yet, this book is one of the most talked about books in the area of sport performance ever written.

Dr. Fergus Connolly is the performance director for the University of Michigan football program and prior to that he was with the San Francisco 49ers as the director of elite performance.

He’s also worked as a performance consultant for many other NFL and professional sports teams and has an extensive background in the area sports science.

This session is loaded with great insights and content, yet we only scratched the surface on the principles that are outlined in his book Game Changer.

I’ll know you’ll absolutely love this session as much as I did. Here’s what you’ll learn in this week’s show:

  • Dr. Connolly’s uncommon path to peak performance science
  • What all great coaches have in common
  • What exactly is “sports science?”
  • How many years went into the writing of Game Changer
  • Why this book was written for “his younger self”
  • *How he recommends using this book
  • The #1 goal of the book was to _____
  • Can the principles be applied to any athlete?
  • Is there too much focus on the physical components of the athlete?
  • Thoughts on early sport specialization – good or bad?
  • What is a “rich learning experience”
  • The iPhone analogy – (this is brilliant!)
  • How can coaches better help their athletes today?
  • The importance of fundamentals…
  • How to go from average to elite
  • Understanding the “Four-Coactive Model” of the athlete
  • Is balance possible? (*important)
  • The ‘6 Laws of Winning’ (we discuss Law #1)
  • Books that have impacted his leadership
  • What’s next after Game Changer?
  • People should read Game Changer if they want to ____
  • Great closing advice…
The best athletes are able to execute their basic skills repeatedly under pressure. - Dr. Fergus ConnollyClick To Tweet

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