19 Mar Dr. Fred Hatfield (Dr. Squat), A Pioneer in Strength

(#58) Dr. Fred Hatfield, a.k.a. “Dr Squat” is this week’s podcast guest.

Dr. Hatfield is one of the true pioneers in the world of strength training and has incredible knowledge to share with us in this week’s episode.

His experience includes being a former standout gymnast, former competitive bodybuilder, elite weightlifter, and world class powerlifter where he had established his legendary 1014 pound squat, among other significant strength accomplishments.

He has authored numerous books, articles, and is considered a renowned leader in strength and performance training.

I encourage you to listen all the way through this comprehensive interview and consider what you can apply right now in your own training.

His contributions to the industry are extraordinary and I was so incredibly honored to speak with him in this candid conversation to discuss a wide variety of training topics and learn from his extensive experience.

Dr. Hatfield is a pioneer in strength and I’m excited to share this interview with you.

Here’s some of what you learn about in this week’s show:

  • He shares his personal experience with the legendary 1014 pound squat
  • The most important thing he attributed to the this accomplishment
  • Is is possible to integrate different styles of training and be successful?
  • What he learned from Dr. Yuri Verkoshansky (Author of Supertraining)
  • What exactly is Compensatory Acceleration Training (CAT)
  • Learn specifically how he recommends we use CAT in our training to get strong
  • What is the KING physical attribute in athletics (not what you think)
  • The #1 most important factor to gain strength
  • The truth about CrossFit, the good and the bad, according to Dr. Hatfield
  • Considerations for the CrossFit athlete
  • How he defines “fitness,” one of most misunderstood words in the industry
  • Is becoming a “fit individual” a realistic goal?
  • Understand the different types of strength
  • Can strength improve our health?
  • What we need to know about Plyometric training
  • His biggest advice to gain muscular hypertrophy
  • His biggest training tip to gain pure strength
  • What he thinks about kettlebells
  • What his favorite training implements are
  • And, much more insight and shared knowledge

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For more information on Dr. Fred Hatfield, go to DrSquat.com.

To read more about the ABC training method, Part I, Part II, and Part III.

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  • Danny
    Posted at 18:21h, 20 March Reply

    Great podcast, Scott! A lot of great information and anecdotes to learn from. I’m struggling to access the ABC links though, is it a problem at my end?

    • Scott
      Posted at 21:04h, 20 March Reply

      Hey Danny,
      Thanks, definitely a lot of great info there.
      As far as the links, I just tested them and they worked fine.
      Maybe double check one more time. There seemed to be an issue the other day at DrSquat.com, but all is working now.
      You can go directly to the site and look for the articles on the “knowledge base” tab.
      Thanks Danny.

  • Joan Hatfield
    Posted at 14:45h, 25 April Reply

    Thank you for remembering Fred. #onerepforfred. 🏋️‍♀️

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