07 Oct Dr. Josh Davis – Exercise, Intense Productivity, and How to be Awesomely Effective

(#141) Dr. Josh Davis is a Neuroscientist and the director of research and lead professor at the NeuroLeadership Institute.

He has taught at Columbia University, New York University, and Barnard College of Columbia University.

Dr. Davis is the author of NEW book titled Two Awesome Hours, which is one of the best productivity and peak performance books I’ve ever read.

This is a different type of interview, but a highly valuable session to maximize your performance.

Here’s what you’ll learn about this week:

  • The full story of how I discovered this great new book
  • How we can maximize our productivity
  • How exercise greatly enhances productivity
  • How he came to write the NEW book – Two Awesome Hours
  • How he uses the 2 Awesome Hours approach
  • The science behind the 5 strategies
  • The importance of the zone or flow state – is it always important?
  • Are there such things as good and bad distractions? The concept of mind wandering
  • How to recognize decision points – the key to getting things done!
  • Tips to get things done and stop wasting time
  • Who Dr. Davis thinks is the best example of a “high performer”
  • Why it’s so important to “disconnect” to maximize performance
  • How important is exercise and nutrition to peak performance?
  • What type of exercise can improve productivity?
  • How to time exercise for maximum performance
  • Water, fats, and caffeine – how to use for productivity sessions
  • The single biggest tip to be maximally productive
  • His “morning ritual” – what that looks like
  • The book he recommends the most
  • The biggest myth about being productive
  • Great closing advice…

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