03 Sep Dr. Krista Scott-Dixon Reveals The Truth About Strength Training and Nutrition

(#82) Dr. Krista Scott-Dixon is this week’s guest and she’s amazing.

She’s a “Rock Star” in the fitness industry and you’ll learn a ton in this week’s session.

She believes that good nutrition and movement can transform our health, our communities, and our lives.

Krista Scott-Dixon is the current Program Developer and Coaching Coordinator at PrecisionNutrition.com.

She’s inspired thousands of women to embrace strength training where she writes at stumptuos.com, but her message is for everyone to hear.

This is a “must listen to” interview as we discussed training, nutrition, the “state of fitness,” and so many more great topics you’ll be able to use and apply right now.

She’s funny, genuine, and brilliant with incredible insight you have to hear.

Here’s some of what you’ll hear about and learn this week:

  • Her motivation for starting the popular stumptuous.com
  • The person who influenced her training the most
  • How her training has evolved through the years
  • Her movement based training approach
  • How to take the “long view” approach to training
  • Biggest myths with women and strength training
  • What she says to women who “just want to tone”
  • Her big advice on strength training
  • The “state of fitness” – the good and the bad
  • How she defines what it is to be “fit”
  • Can peak health and peak fitness co-exist?
  • What exactly is it to be “healthy?”
  • Where are the nutritional “gaps?”
  • How do you “know what you know” about nutrition?
  • Are there “big lies” in nutrition?
  • Her take on “low carb”
  • 2 KEY tips for Fat Loss
  • Hear all about the NEW Precision Nutrition Level 2 course
  • Her big advice after listening to this interview
  • And, much more…

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To learn more about Dr. Kista Scott-Dixon, go to stumptuous.com.

To check out her raw, “no holds barred” FREE ebook, F@*k Calories, click here.

For more information on the Precision Nutrition Level 2 certification, go to PrecisionNutrition.com

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