11 Jan Dr. Mitch Babcock – A New Model For Physical Therapy And Strength Training

(#234) Dr. Mitch Babcock joins the podcast this week for a great conversation about how he combines his background as a strength athlete, physical therapist and strength coach in an innovative approach to maximizing performance and minimizing risk for injury.

You could say that his approach is considered a NEW model for today’s clinician.

Mitch has a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. He’s a coach, athlete and a “teacher of movement.” His clinic is FitnessTx and he explains how he successfully operates and excels as a solo practitioner. 

Here’s what you’ll learn about this week:

  • How he’s evolved and grown in his training approach through the years
  • An interesting story on his decision to become a physical therapist
  • The problems with “conventional” PT clinics
  • We dive into his successful (and unconventional) work as a clinician
  • How he works as a 100% cash-based practitioner
  • What he thinks about the “current state” of physical therapy
  • What a “typical day” looks like for him in the clinic
  • How his PT background plays into his coaching
  • Is there a “gap” in the physical therapy curriculum?
  • How to stay current in your craft as a rehab professional
  • What is PT on Ice and who is this for?
  • His advice to learn about “good movement”
  • What he likes most about CrossFit – and what could be improved
  • The biggest training mistake (that can help reduce injuries)
  • His “secret” to staying current with research
  • How he trains today (specifics)
  • Books that have influenced him the most
  • Actionable closing advice…
As a profession, we have a tendency to chronically under-load our patients. -Mitch BabcockClick To Tweet

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